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What Is Metal Fabrication?

There’s something about seeing a project finally come together from scratch that makes any craftsman or artist feel good. That’s part of the reason why metal fabrication remains an attractive industry for career-seeking professionals.

However, more than that, metal fabrication plays an essential role in today’s economy.

Metal fabrication is a process that involves building structures and machines using raw metal. This process includes steps such as cutting, welding, and forming. Other steps include machining, burning, and assembly.

All of these steps play a role in creating final products.

Here’s a rundown on what metal fabrication is and how it affects modern society.

Let’s get started!

What Exactly is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication remains an essential industry because it supports the globe’s infrastructure. Just about all aspects of civilization benefit from products created using metal.

Projects related to metal fabrication include the creation of hand railings and even the development of heavy equipment. Subsectors include the creation of the following:

  • Hand tools
  • Cutlery
  • Structural and architectural metals
  • Hardware
  • Wire and spring
  • Bolts and nuts

Stamping and forging are also subsectors of the vital metal fabrication industry.

What Else Can You Produce with Metal Fabrication?

Other items that can be produced through metal fabrication include pipe fittings and pipes, cans, doors, and metal windows. You can also produce car parts as well as equipment attachments.

All in all, metal fabrication is paramount for creating mass-produced items that have relatively consistent qualities. Screws, for example, fall under this category.

At the same time, metal fabrication is useful for creating customized metal products that meet business’s various needs. These customized parts may include customized hardware or valves.

Metal Fabrication and Powder Coating

Powder coating revolutionized metal fabrication during the 1960s. Since then, powder coating finishes have developed a reputation in the industry for significantly improving the durability of fabricated products.

Powder coating also gives products a premium appearance. On top of this, powder coating is associated with improved economy and efficiency for metal fabricators.

The powder coating process is also known for its low environmental impact.

Powder bases used in this process may be epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, acrylic, or a mixture of these. Note that powder coating happens in an environment that is totally dry.

Also, this process involves no sags or runs. This makes it quite different from wet painting, where over-applications can result in these problems.

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