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7 of the Best Business Phones That Will Transform Your Workday

Are you looking for the best business phones for work?

Workplace productivity is the most important quality in any business. This determines the amount of work that you and your employees can do in a day. This prompts most companies to ensure that their employees can perform techniques to increase workplace productivity.

The problem is that anything can interrupt the flow of workplace productivity. Once interrupted, it’s hard to get back into the groove. What’s even worse is that the interruption can come from essential devices, like your business phone.

It makes sense to incorporate phones into your work routine. The only problem is that some smartphones aren’t up to the task. Check out this list of the best phones that can transform your working experience.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note series of Samsung was always the best choice for business phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the epitome of this, and it shows in the device’s basic features. The screen of Note 9 provides you with the best medium for viewing emails and other documents.

Editing them is also easy because of the S Pen. This is Note 9’s stylus that also operates as a trigger for the camera. It’s a faster way for you to take pictures of important documents for scanning.

This makes it more intuitive compared to other iterations in the Samsung Note series. It also allows PC users to feel comfortable using this device because of the Samsung DeX feature. This turns the phone into a small computer monitor.

You can do this if you have the right monitor setup to project the phone into a bigger screen. You can then browse your phone as if it’s a PC.

2. Apple iPhone XS

The iPhone is Apple’s most successful product, and they show it by upgrading each iPhone after the last one. What’s great about it is that they base their upgrades on the feedback they get from their customers. This means that there’s a voice telling Apple to optimize their products for business use.

It’s clear in the Apple iPhone XS. It features a powerful processor that’s strong enough to run certain software that other smartphones can’t. What’s great about it is that the device is easy to understand and even easier to use.

It also sports the high-quality cameras that people know Apple products for. This will make any document appear clear even when you’re shaky with your camera.

Combined with the fact that Apple is among the most innovative companies, the Apple iPhone XS stands to be among the best business phones today. It also helps that they include their older devices in their system updates, too.

3. Google Pixel 3 XL

The Google Pixel 3 XL is Google’s take on the modern smartphone. As you can expect, the phone runs on an Android operating system. However, what sets it apart is that this is Android as Google intended Android to be.

This means that the interface will be cleaner than ever because you do not need a third-party program. You often need these when you run an Android device on a Samsung phone. They cause you to install unwanted apps on your phone.

With its impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, you will have no trouble performing tasks. It also has 128 gigabytes of storage for you to use. This will ensure that you will never have a problem doing anything work-related.

4. BlackBerry Key2

Despite being an old brand, BlackBerry delivers with an amazing business smartphone. This is the perfect smartphone for you if you never got used to touchscreen phones. This is because of the main feature of the BlackBerry Key2.

At first glance, you notice that it’s already different from modern smartphones. It has a physical keyboard for you to use instead of a full touchscreen interface. This makes it perfect if you prefer the physical feeling of pressing buttons instead of a screen.

The phone also offers unique security measures for you. This will ensure that the data from your business is safe from any hackers.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This is a great smartphone for business if you don’t mind the bulk. This is also a great choice if you don’t mind the somewhat outdated technology. Don’t let that dissuade you, though, as the Samsung Note 8 is still a powerful device.

It supports the same Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as Google Pixel. This makes it a device that can keep up with even the most intensive demands.

What’s great about it is that it’s half the price of Note 9. This makes it a great smartphone for anyone looking to budget their expenses.

6. Apple iPhone 8

Speaking of budget phones, consider this if you prefer the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone 8 is a great phone for its price. The features it offers lacks compared to the latest Apple product, but it’s still a powerful tool.

The main reason this is power is because of the cheap iOS it has. This will help you multitask and do more with your device. It also allows you to add more apps from the App Store with ease.

One of the few ways you can get an iPhone 8 is through second-hand use, though. This makes it important to know how to factory reset iPhone devices and other Apple products. You don’t want to get a phone with an old virus and doing a factory reset will get rid of them.

7. OnePlus 7

If you like Android devices but don’t want the bulk that Samsung devices come in, this is perfect for you. This also comes at a lower price compared to other Android phones. This makes it the best Android smartphone to go for if you want a business phone.

This is for the user who only needs the basics in a smartphone. This is because it has only 8 gigabytes of memory in it. It’s enough to hold your important data and documents, though.

It’s also a practical choice because of its battery life. It can go upwards of 8 hours if you use it for your basic needs. It can also go for 6 hours if you have an application open at all times.

This makes it the simplest business smartphone. You will fulfill your business needs with the OnePlus 7.

Get the Best Business Phones for Your Work Today

Sorting through different options for the best business phones can be tiring. Use our list to find out which one is the best phone for you today!

Need more information about iPhones or other smartphones? Feel free to read more of our guides to continue learning all the tips and tricks you need!

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