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9 Things In Your Office You Probably Forget To Clean


It’s very important for business to keep their workplace clean and free from viruses – if possible. Good cleaners will make sure to wipe down desktops, wash the windows, deep clean the floors, and vacuum the general areas. But they generally neglect areas less visible areas of the office. These areas are exposed to dust and dirt regularly and contribute to germ buildup in the workplace. 

Just because these areas remain out of sight, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cleaned regularly. If you are wondering what these overlooked spots are, we have a list that will ensure every nook and cranny of your office is clean.



Textured and wallpapered walls have a tendency to attract dust and dirt. These particles get accumulated on the surface and suspend themselves in the air. Therefore, you must make sure all the walls in your office are wiped down regularly.


Furniture And Upholstery

Whether it is an upholstered chair in the lobby or leather chair in the cabin, your office furniture collects dust and dirt regularly. Yet somehow, they are often neglected during the cleaning. 

Even dusting won’t work. Stained and unclean furniture can only benefit from regular cleaning.


Behind Copy Machines

Modern printers and copy machines generate small particles that gather around these devices. Yes, that’s true.

If you don’t trust us, next time you go to take a copy or print a copy, look carefully behind the printer. You will be shocked to witness the dust buildup. 


Light Fixtures

Light fixtures gather dust over time, which not only dulls their shine but also increases the spread of bacterias. They also magnetically attract bugs that usually die around them. Since they remain out of sight, we don’t notice how dirty they get on a regular basis. 


Picture Frames

Picture frames are generally neglected during cleaning, mostly, because they are beyond the reach of your staff. But, they regularly accumulate dust and have a collection of fingerprints on them. 


Door Knobs And Handles

Doorknobs and handles are used every day by everyone, not just visitors but clients and employees too. They are exposed to a lot of germs and dirt regularly. Therefore, they become the prime sources of spreading bacterias and making your employees sick. 


Ceiling Tiles

Dirty ceiling tiles may stain your reputation. When your customers and visitors notice your filthy tiles, they may question your seriousness, and refrain from doing business with you. 



Your staff is taking care of office cleanliness. They are washing the floors, disinfecting the bathroom, and cleaning the floor mat regularly. But what about the curtains and blinds? Are they paying equal attention to them? 

Curtains collect dust and start appearing dull. While it may not be feasible to wash them daily; they must be cleaned from time to time. The longer you wait to clean them, the harder it becomes to get rid of those stubborn stains and oily spills.


Ducts And Vents

During the freezing winter months, dust, dirt, and allergens may settle down and accumulate in the vents and ducts installed in the ceilings, bathrooms, and kitchens. These dirty vents may impact the health of your employees and lower their morale. Moreover, they can force the HVAC to work harder and consume more energy. As a result, they can increase your energy bills.

Therefore, you must get the dust and vents regularly cleaned, and your HVAC system periodically serviced.

If your electricity bill is unreasonably high even after following this practice, you must get an energy audit conducted. You may also compare the plans of different providers to get the cheapest electricity in NSW.

But beware, cheapest doesn’t always mean better. So, read the fineprint and ask the consultant to help you compare your options.  In NSW its the responsibility of the agent to give you transparent pricing and benefits with each plan.

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