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Boot Oil vs Mink Oil for Construction Work Boots

Construction boots are very important in jobs where you need a pair of these. It is not just simple footwear as it is a part of the overall safety of the person wearing it. Most of them are usually made of leather and doesn’t look very fashionable. In the modern years though, there are a lot of designs that can cross between a construction site staple and a bar. People do not want to change into something different after work especially with their shoes. This is why there are many brands now that consider themselves fashionable yet functional.

Meanwhile, this has also led to a trend. As most users would want to be good looking, they want to have good looking boots as well. We all know that there are people who would look at another man’s footwear and judge it immediately. This is an unfortunate part of being human, but it is the reality that we need to face.

If you are wearing a high-end loafer, then you must be a billionaire hunting for someone to warm the bed for the night. Most would flock to this guy as well. For those who are working a blue-collar job, there is no shame in that. There are even people who would be turned on by that. However, that is not an excuse for having an unkempt set of work boots.


Taking Care of Your Footwear

You might think that it is easy to clean up any kind of shoe. After all, you just need to have some soap and water. Then, let it dry under the sun or somewhere safe. Some workers do not wash their boots at all. That might sound disgusting, but their defense is usually “it is already on the ground, nobody needs to clean it” kind of reasoning. Some would even think that taking care of their shoe is unmanly and it should feel like it came from the grit of the earth.

Well, let us tell you that you do need to clean it properly and well. It is just a part of the responsibility of having a pair of work boots. The better you clean, the longer it would stay useful. Each kind of shoe has a different and proper way of cleaning them, and working footwear is not an exception to that.

One of the ways that you can take care of your shoe is to waterproof it. Waterproofing materials are usually made of oil-based substances which can be lathered on the leather. Since leather can be destroyed by constant moisture, you need to apply this oil as soon as you can. It would be even more useful if it is going to be applied way before the wet season or going to water-soaked areas. As you may know, the material needs time to set before it can work its magic.

Now, there are two popular oils for waterproofing and each of them has something unique to offer. To choose the best oil for boots, you need to know what both of these can and can’t do. Then, you need to take your needs into account as well. However, we do need to clarify that these two are not the only options for waterproofing and softening of the leather. This is basically for oil-tanned leather only, as these are oil-based products as well. These are pretty popular though, and you need to know the difference.


Boot Oil vs. Mink Oil

The truth is, there is not much difference between these two items. Boot oil refers to a range of products that include other materials like beeswax and conditioners. There is one ingredient though that stands out: mink oil. Yes, you read that right: most of the boot oils that you see in the market also has the same ingredient in it. There is one difference though: the other ingredients as well pine pitch. This material creates a layer on the surface of the leather and makes it more waterproof.

With pure mink oil, you also get similar results. It can still waterproof your shoes, and conditions it as well. This is also made from the pelts of mink and it is usually collected after hunting or gathering them for fur. One of the advantages of this one though it doesn’t expire as fast as the other options. Since it is just wax, you will not get that rancid smell like the other ones. However, it does darken your shoes considerably than the other options.

A pair of boots darkening after using mink or boot oil is not a bad thing. It doesn’t destroy the quality of the shoe. It improves it since your pair is now at least water-resistant. This is just a cosmetic effect. If you are bothered about it, then you can research what type of leather you have and see what works for you.

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