Essential Tools Every Handman Should Have For Their Next Home Improvement Project

February 1, 2020


It is very important for a handyman that wants to carry out tasks for hire or DIY to be equipped with the regular screwdrivers, hammers and so on. Other vital equipment will be reviewed here as well.


It is necessary for a handyman to initially consider the type of tasks that would be handled which is based on what you are very versed in such as carpeting, a professional painter or loves to carry out plumbing works. Do you have a phobia for heights or avoid tasks that require you to climb a ladder? These must be fully considered to identify the importance of each equipment when determining what to purchase. Several tools are available that can be acquired by a plumber from an individual that deals with carpentry.


It is very important to be very careful when acquiring these tools to avoid purchasing unnecessary equipment based on just the need to have tools or due to its design. It is important to consider these suggestions for the best equipment before opting to purchase tools as it relates to your chosen profession.




Two hammers, a lightweight and a heavyweight should be sufficient to begin a toolbox. As a general rule, the hammer size ought to conform with the nail size. The size of the nail will determine how heavy the hammer ought to be. A simple claw hammer is suitable for outdoor tasks and significant construction projects. A small hammer for driving in small fasteners like tacks and panel pins is a pin hammer.

Table Saw

Although not always needed for small projects, a table saw is essential for renovation and construction works, as well as bigger projects. Having a table saw allows you to do various cutting jobs with ease, with better speed and cutting capacity (size-wise). A table saw is also able to cut through different materials, including metal. Various models offer different features a well, so check out top brands for best table saws of today. You can start with this article: Hitachi C10rJ VS Dewalt.

Cordless Drill

This is an equipment that can be used to drill different kinds of holes or drive the screws of various sizes and widths. The cordless drill is a significant power tool that ought to be acquired by anyone due to its significance. The Dewalt Brushless Twin Pack is a great place to start when looking for a great power tool. Although it is simply a drill, its main significance is as a result of its capacity to function as a powered screwdriver which improves the efficiency of screwing tasks. You should reconsider your decision if you were previously thinking about acquiring an impact driver and decide on the drill’s adaptability. Get a type that comes without a cord and has an extra battery to ensure no stop in operation while the battery charges.-However, if you will drill through hard concrete and tough surfaces, a regular drill won't be enough. You may want to get yourself a hammer drill instead. Occupy the Farm has a great review of the ten of the best hammer drills in 2020 that you can check out.


Reciprocating Saw

This equipment was manufactured to ensure versatility and you are definitely passing up a lot of advantage without this equipment. This equipment can work as a tree pruner, employed for the destruction of drywall, framing, and pipes. It can cut through uneven bits of wood and turn significant trash into small bits. A day absent of this tool as a handyman is a day too late. This equipment in the hands of a handyman will surely offer a feeling of superiority because it is very rare among homeowners.


Wire Cutters

Single and double strands of metals are cut using wire cutters. They can serve both industrial and commercial needs. A wire cutter is the best equipment to efficiently cut a metal cable. An excellent wire cable can effectively cut through cables of wire such that the wire and the cutter won’t be damaged. Wire cutters are effective for communication cables, chicken wires, power cables, parrot mesh, piano wires, guitar strings, mattress springs, steel manufactured washing lines, curtain wires, catenary wires, barbed wires, tension, and balustrade.



Most homeowners usually expect handymen to always bring their ladder along even if they already have one. Ladders are essential for patching up drywall, painting, roof repairs and the installation of trim and ceiling fans and so on. You don’t usually require a very long ladder except when carrying out repairs on the roof but having one that is as long as the ceiling is recommended. However, a ladder that is a bit longer than the regular height of the ceiling if vaulted ceilings usually occur when perfuming tasks.


Circular Saw

This equipment is an absolute necessity for any individual who wants to cut through wood. You can either choose to opt for one with or without a cord although the cordless type ensures additional flexibility and ease of use. The circular saw is an equipment that will be undoubtedly utilized regularly except you prefer the good old hand saw.


Alien Wrenches

Getting equipped with some Allen wrenches will enable a handyman to perform bicycle repairs, tighten a faucet or join a piece of furniture together. Although they can be easily lost as a result of its little sizes, this equipment has recently turn into a part of our day to day life. Except you can organize everything exceptionally, you will have to live with the fact that your stock will constantly go missing.


Crowbar or Prybar

A handyman should be fully aware that both construction and demolition are areas of your tasks. Irrespective of the task that can be handled with a reciprocating task, accurate equipment like a prybar or crowbar might be required. Although the claw at the end of a hammer can also serve a similar purpose, the proper equipment should be accessible to a handyman in situations where materials must be pulled apart, removal of nails from the wood and wall trims, removing trellis from the side of the building and so on.

Locksmith Tools

Sometimes, a handyman encounters lock problems that they need to solve without wrecking the lock or the door or receptacle it’s attached to. This is where locksmith tools come in handy. These locksmith tools are used to open locks when you don’t have their keys. Some locksmith tools also let you disassemble and rebuild locks according to your specifications. A true handyman not only knows how to fix leaks and patch walls but also knows how to solve lock

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape that can be retracted and locked is a piece of small equipment having numerous uses. This equipment can be fundamental when measuring rigs, window blinds, hanging work of art or furniture. You should have one with a minimum of 25” in a situation where measuring will be done in the yard or the square footage of the room.



As an expert handyman with sufficient justification for acquiring and owning any available equipment, you ought to avoid purchasing equipment that you don’t regularly use. You should consider the type of tasks you regularly perform and ensure that the particular equipment will make you more productive and efficient.

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