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Fish Auction Hall Hamburg Germany (Altonaer Fischauktionshalle)


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  • Brick
  • Steel Structure and Dome
  • Glass

Originally Usage:

  • Trade and shipping of fish
  • Storage and repair of fishing gear
  • Distribution of ice

Built from 1895-96
Being part of the Altona region, The Fish Auction Hall was originally built to compete with the fish trading of its neighboring city Hamburg until Altona became apart of Hamburg in 1867.

Location: Altona

WW2 air-strikes left the building in despair and was planned to be demolished.
1976 plans were made by the citizens to repair the building and repurpose is into a socio-cultural center with folk theater, cinema, social services, fish restaurants and a beer garden.

Information published in the public newspaper from 1896 about the newly constructed auction hall:

– Floor to be cobble-stone so that horse wagons could gain traction and not be too slippery in the winter.
– Each vendor to have about 8 square meters of floor space.
– Auction space requires easy access from all sides, easy access to the main hall and a leveled floor.
– Draft winds from outside cause fish to quickly lose their fresh appearance so fisherman requested to have the space closable to the outdoors.
– Heat and direct sunlight were important as fishermen unloaded the night before and started business early the next morning.
– At the end of each market day the space needed to be able to be easily rinsed out with a good irrigation system and strong ventilation system as well.

HAMBURG 30.06.2015 Uferbereiche am Flußverlauf der Elbe an der Fischauktionshalle am Fischmarkt in Hamburg. // Riparian zones on the course of the river der Elbe on the Fish Auction Hall in Hamburg in Germany. www.fischauktionshalle.com Foto: Hans Blossey

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