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Green Spaces in Your Brisbane Office: Here’s Why You Need Them


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Most people in Brisbane love to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy nature. They may drop by the botanical garden and Roma Street Parkland just to enjoy the nice atmosphere.

On weekends and holidays, families may spend the afternoon in one of the tucked-away beaches. If not, they camp for the night in Moreton Bay.

People can cite many reasons for doing these activities, and one of them is the fact that nature helps improve their quality of life.

Fortunately, if you own a building or rent an office, you can bring nature into or near your place by finding some really great architects in Brisbane.


The Benefits of Green Space


The term “green space” can refer to many things, such as:

    • Wetlands and reserves
    • Open space with lots of vegetation and even wildlife
    • Parks and gardens
    • Clusters of flowers, trees, and shrubs that grow in urban areas

In architectural design these days, the words may likely refer to the last point. But then, why would buildings include plants in their layout?

Studies suggest these areas promote more than an environment-friendly workspace. They can also be healthy for the employees.


Green Spaces Can Enhance Focus and Relax the Mind


Do you ever wonder why you feel fatigued looking at spreadsheets for minutes? It’s because you’re forcing your mind to do it. Anything that needs effort will exhaust you later.

Nature has the opposite effect. A 2017 research said that green spaces could promote restoration and relaxation by shifting your attention as naturally as possible.

It’s similar to watching the clouds pass by. The level of relaxation may be enough to refuel your energy to help you get through the day.


They Can Boost Productivity


Some business owners think that a spartan-looking office can improve concentration and productivity. After all, the space has fewer objects that can distract employees.

A UK study, though, begged to differ. The University of Exeter researchers discovered that productivity increased by 15% when a lean office added plants.

The study didn’t explore the reason, but the authors believed plants help reduce stress levels and make anyone feel happier.


They Can Help Decrease the Effects of Noise


Noise can affect health in many ways. A 2019 study, for instance, revealed that high levels of noise in urban areas could boost the risk of ischaemic stroke. Regular exposure to noise can also lead to headaches, fatigue, and poor concentration.

Architects in Brisbane can use many materials to help reduce or prevent outside noise from going inside the office. They can install cladding, which can already absorb much of the sound.

Another option is to use plants. They can function as noise barriers since many parts of them can also absorb loud sounds.


How to Add Green Spaces in Your Office


Knowledgeable architects can give you many choices on where and how to set up your green space. These include:

    • Convert the rooftop into an urban vegetable farm.
    • Create landscaped pocket gardens at the front of the building.
    • Add different plants in various areas of the office.
    • Put up a vertical garden, especially when space is tight.


The newest Amazon headquarters in Seattle is now one of the coolest offices in the world. It not only features interconnected domes but also hosts at least 4,000 plants to create a mini-forest!

Their purpose is not only to beautify the space but also to provide a tranquil area where employees can relax and have a break from their hectic work.

Your space may be inferior compared to that of Amazon, but you can be like them by enhancing your workers’ well-being with green spaces.


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