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Here are 9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Fixer Upper


Do you have an eye on a fixer-upper? Fixer-uppers offer the opportunity to build the home of your dreams, without committing to constructing a home from the ground up. It’s an affordable way to create a space to match your taste and preferences. You can be involved in every step of the way and even take up some DIY projects.


If you’re purchasing a fixer-upper, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on renovating it to make it liveable. Lucky for you, in this post, we’re sharing some simple ways to improve your new home. Let’s take a look.



  1. Paint


Paint is one of the cheapest aspects, which makes a noticeable difference. To cut down costs, you can make this a DIY project. The exterior walls, fencing, interior walls, ceiling, doors, window panes and so on need to be repainted. 


Just with a fresh quote of paint, you can revive the aesthetics and give your home a modern touch.



2. Entrance


The entrance serves as the focal point of a house and is the first thing any visitor notices. Replace the old, rickety driveway gates and main door with newer versions. In addition to enhancing the curb appeal, sturdy and secure gates are crucial to ensure privacy.


RS Engineering specialises in designing and manufacturing bespoke gates of all types, including gates for gardens and driveways. You should get in touch for your gate requirements.



3. Landscaping


Landscaping is an important feature elevating the visual appeal of a property. Which means it’s time for dried-out grass and dying flowers to go. Even if you aren’t blessed with green fingers, you can bring down landscaping costs by taking out overgrown and waning plants yourself. 


To instantly uplift the ambience, surround your house with blooming flora and thriving shrubbery.



4. Lighting


Poor or inadequate lighting is one of the common reasons why fixer-uppers appear unappealing. Replace inefficient lighting fixtures with upgraded versions. Also, don’t forget about lighting up the porch, patio and other exterior areas.



5. Tiling & Carpeting


Surface area-wise, tiling and carpeting take up the majority of the space in a house. Tiles and carpets lay the foundation for a home’s interior decor. Therefore, it’s important to get rid of broken and stained tiles and carpets. 


New tile and carpet installations don’t come cheap. So to make it more affordable, you can rip out old carpeting by yourself. You can further reduce expenses by sanding and polishing the hardwood floors instead of recarpeting them.



6. Walls


There’s only so much a new coat of paint can fix. If the walls of your new house are full of holes and cracks, you need to get it repaired. The same goes for the ceiling and the roof.


On the other hand, for a rustic look, you can leave the walls bare with exposed bricks.



7. Windows


Windows are an overlooked feature, which plays a vital role in forming the aesthetics. If the house currently lacks windows, consider adding more as they bring in much-needed natural light. 



8. Fixtures


The little details make all the difference. Give your home the desired makeover by upgrading all the fixtures and hardware. Replace doorknobs, cabinet handles, mailbox, faucets, bathroom ware and so on.



9. Kitchen & Bathrooms


Kitchen and bathrooms truly sell a home. If you’re planning to fix this house and upsell it in the future, then invest in renovating the kitchen and bathrooms. Try to make them as spacious as possible with plenty of natural light and storage. This will really boost the market value of your house.


Hopefully, our tips inspire you to invest in a fixer-upper and renovate it. We wish you the best of luck!


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