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How To Organize Tools In A Garden

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One of the most significant challenges faced by homeowners is organizing their garden sheds. As a result, most people tend to overlook this aspect because of its difficulty.

The most crucial element of organization is movement – if you cannot move freely around your shed, it is poorly organized. Since their primary function is storage, garden sheds are likely to get overwhelmed with clutter, which makes it difficult to find equipment such as lawnmowers, shovels, and rakes, and so on.

When you organize your shed, it becomes easier to find tools and gardening becomes more efficient. The following are some of the organization tips you need to implement to make the most out of the space in your garden shed.


Invest in a Magnetic Bar

The best way of keeping metal equipment organized is by using a magnetic bar. It is a widespread technique for keeping standard tools that can also be useful for gardening. Make sure that you pick a bar whose magnetic pull is strong enough to hold your equipment in the desired position.


Make Use of Pegboards

Although pegboards are an excellent tool for organization purposes, they are not widely used by homeowners. These tools are useful for hanging gardening equipment onto the wall of your shed, which frees up additional space on the floor. The only downside is that you cannot hang heavy equipment.


Install Open Shelves

As mentioned earlier, organization is all about maximizing the use of space in your shed. One of the ways of making your structure more spacious is by installing open shelves. If you want shelves to withstand and hold heavy items, use plywood. Also, make sure that the shelves run from the floor to the roof to optimize the use of space.


Keep Chemicals in Storage Boxes

As a gardener, you likely have farm chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides inside your shed. Most of these are toxic and flammable, especially, when used in confined areas. When organizing your structure, make sure that the chemicals do not contaminate your floor and its water supply. The best way of doing this is by using specialized storage boxes, such as heavy-duty plastics. Also, make sure that you keep chemicals in their original containers and away from direct sunlight.


Hang Your Hose

Regardless of the expertise you use to coil your hose pipe, it can quickly untangle itself. Besides snaring legs when you enter the shed, untangled pipes take up lots of space in your room. The solution to this problem is investing in a hose hanger. A smart way of doing this is by using an old car wheel if you do not want to buy a cable spool.



Organization is an essential aspect of owning a garden shed. In addition to increasing the attractiveness of the structure, it creates an illusion that the place is spacious, even if it is small. The tips mentioned above are an excellent starting point, but you can always find creative ways of your own.


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