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In which region of Greece should you charter yachts?


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Greece is next to Croatia the most popular yacht charter destination in this part of Europe. The reason for this is excellent weather, very good sailing conditions and a beautiful landscape. White houses scattered over the hills, clean and charming beaches, crystal clear water and a unique Mediterranean climate makes more and more people come here every year to relax and recharge for the whole year. However, Greece is vast, diverse and full of many beautiful places. Which of them should we choose for our yacht charter?



Dodecanese archipelago

The archipelago of 163 islands in the Aegean Sea is a real paradise for sailors. We can find here such sought-after and delightful places as the islands of Rhodes, Karpathos and Kos, which are famous for their fantastic tourist offer, monuments and landscape. However, we also find less popular islands that also offer many attractions, such as the colorful island of Simi with a beautiful bay, colorful houses and sponge fisheries, and the volcanic Nisiros, which in some places resembles the surface of the moon. The entire Dodecanese is full of traces of history and influence not only Greek, but also Italian, Venetian and Turkish.


Ionian Islands

If you are interested in yacht charter Greece, Jonia is one of the most popular choices for a specific destination. It’s 7 large islands surrounded by small pieces of land. One of the most famous islands is the lively Corfu. It’s full of historic architecture, sometimes reminiscent of the streets of Paris, and restaurants and clubs where you can spend time with friends. Itaka is also well known and liked due to its excellent sailing conditions, ancient ruins and romantic nooks.



Skiathos is another archipelago beloved by sailors on the Aegean Sea. It was on the local islands such as Skopelos that thef amous musical Mamma Mia was shot! However, the most visited island is Skiathos, which is famous for a dizzying number of 60 beaches, Karaflizanaki peak and many beautiful monasteries. Every year, surrounding towns attract sports and Hollywood stars such as Russel Crowe! Sporades are full of everything that is most associated with Greece, from wonderful architecture, through Mediterranean cuisine, to delicious wine!



Of course, in Greece we will find many charming areas that are worth considering as a yacht charter destination. However, regardless of which one we choose, we can be sure that we will have a vacation full of relaxation and delight!



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