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Taking a Look at Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal


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Funny how we don’t give that much thought to the top of our house when we see it day in and day out, yet a simple hose down or deep clean make such a difference and a huge overall impression. It’s essentially a mini facelift for the building without having to do massive surgery. I mean, we all need a little nip and tuck here and there once in a while am I right?

When you’re up close, of course, you usually can’t see the top of the house, but next time you come back from a holiday, make a note of it as you arrive back, you’ll be surprised that you do probably think it’s time for a bucket of soap and water and hubby to get up there and start the makeover.

Of course, there are many reputable companies with reliable quality and service, which you can see one here, and what’s great is that you know they have the right tools and skills for the job, so leaving it to the professionals is naturally the wisest choice.


When to get your roof cleaned

Ideally, it should be once a year, if not for a professional to inspect it while up there for any damage or holes that could get worse and become something serious in the long run, then just to get rid of any debris and get it looking new again. Bring back the appeal it once had.

If however, you have just moved into a new build or have just had a new roof fitted, then for the first few years’, inspection and deep clean can be done bi-yearly. The main reason, other than for cleaning, is to try to catch any potential problems early on before it can turn into anything that will make your wallet start weeping.


5 Factors to consider when looking to hire a roof cleaning company

  • The Bane in everyone’s life, the cost of things. Be sure you are aware of the cost upfront, get a few quotes to compare prices and read reviews. It will also be dependent on the style or type of roof you have.
  • You will want a company that has a few years under its belt, they will have encountered many situations and solutions to any problems that might occur. You need someone that’s honed their expertise in a certain field and know what they’re doing.
  • Ask to make an appointment for someone to come asses the roof and the type of service and clean you might need, also to have them answer any questions you might have which they should be able to do without hesitation. Have a listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKaxCTDzKuE and see what people have to say about the services you could receive.
  • Do their services offer a warranty? You want a guarantee that in the event something were to happen due to no fault of your own, that you’d be covered.
  • A serious company will have industrial-style equipment, the heavy-duty that will get stuck in and do the job right the first time. If someone rocks up to your house with a machine you can purchase down the local hardware store, it should raise a red flag.



Cleaning Moss

What you do need to make sure of and be aware of that what you are wanting to clean on the roof is definitely moss and no other ‘forms’ such as algae, mold or mildew, as each requires different methods and chemicals to remove them. Hence bringing in the professionals.

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford a deep clean from a well-known company every time, so there are options to do the clean yourself, as long as all safety precautions are taken.

So what is moss? For most of us it’s the green grass looking lawn that seems to have sprouted on our roof, but check out the smart definition and history of what moss is and read in-depth into its characteristics and life cycle.

Moss needs a moist environment to thrive, the side of the house away from the sun and mostly in the shade. Trees that have low hanging branches close to the roof may drop debris and act as a source of food for the moss and allowing it to grow.


DIY solution

The more popular and probably most effective method for cleaning your roof and getting rid of moss would be a 50:50 solution of water to liquid chlorine bleach.

Fill up a spray machine, or if it’s just a small patch a spray bottle, thoroughly drench the roof and areas where the moss is and allow to penetrate the weeds for up to 20-30mins. Then using a pressure washer give it a full-on clean rinse.

Neighbors will soon be knocking on your door with a plate of cookies and would want to know the secret.



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