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The 101 Guide To Convert Your Garage into a Craft Room

Do you love arts and crafts? Leading a busy lifestyle and still devoting time to a hobby is admirable. It’s an excellent way to find some ‘me-time’ in the daily chaos. Whether you are a champion knitter or a self-taught jewellery maker, you know crafting can get messy. All the tiny pieces and supplies are easy to misplace, making tidying up a nightmare.

Spare your kitchen counter or tiny bedroom desk from the clutter, and create a dedicated arts and crafts corner in your garage. Yes, you read that right. The dark, dusty space in your house has the potential of becoming a functional crafting room. So for the lack of a better phrase, let’s get crafty.


Start cleaning

The attic, the garage and the bottom of a bed inevitably end up becoming overstuffed storage areas. While different things work for different people, clutter doesn’t exactly inspire productivity or creativity. 

Start by cleaning and sorting the garage from corner to corner. Don’t let the mess scare you. In fact, to make it easier and quicker, completely empty out your garage. 

After going through everything, sort them in ‘throw’ & ‘keep’ piles. If you have a lot of stuff that’s in good condition but doesn’t serve a purpose, you can host a garage sale, send to recycling units or donate it to charities.


Spruce it up

Almost all garages are full of grease and skid marks. After decluttering, move on to removing grease stains. Use strong grease cleaning products to scrub off any spots. 

If your garage floor is beyond repair, then cover it up with a durable rug. You should also repaint the room. Remember, it’s better to stick to a neutral colour palette to open up the space. 


Install quality lighting fixtures

Don’t let a poorly-lit garage discourage you from making the most of your garage. Install a mixture of lights to add some dimension to the room.


Upgrade the garage door

Using the garage for just parking doesn’t use up as much energy as using it as a crafts room. In order to prevent energy loss, you should look for a properly insulated garage door. It will allow you to enjoy energy saving while also making a noise-free room. 

For high-quality, tailored garage doors, head over to Associated Garage Doors. They offer an extensive range of garage doors along with professional installations.


Invest in storage

The key to a productive, creative space is organisation. You don’t want to turn the place upside down looking for a crochet hook. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of horizontal space, you can take advantage of garage walls. Open shelving is a great option that gives plenty of storage without closing off the area. You should also look for multipurpose furniture with hidden storage.


Equip power outlets

From plugging in a hot glue gun or charging your phone, you need easy-to-access power outlets. Therefore, equip a couple of power outlets near your desk or sitting area.


Get inspired

The surrounding environment is a major driving force behind creative projects. You want your garage to facilitate your passion and inspire you. So, fill it with all the things that get your creative juices flowing. From motivational quotes to impactful books to idols you admire, the sky’s the limit.


Place an air purifier

Garages are notorious for smelling damp because of the years of exposure to chemicals, grease and so on. And such an environment can be difficult to work in. In such cases, an air purifier will be your saviour. It will keep the air circulating and fresh.

We hope this post was the last bit of push you needed to commit to a garage renovation. Good luck!

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