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The Best Commercial Flooring Options: Weighing Out Your Choices

Home Construction Building Repair/Renovations The Best Commercial Flooring Options: Weighing Out Your Choices


You and your business have a mere 7 seconds to make a first impression on customers. Obviously, you need to take advantage of that time wisely.

Humans are very visual creatures. This means that the way your business looks is a big part of that first impression.

This makes choosing the right floor imperative. While people probably won’t enter your business and immediately make note of the floor (unless it’s outstanding) it does have a big impact on the overall impression.

Carefully weigh your commercial flooring options before making a choice. Check out these ideas below.


Vinyl Composite Tile

Vinyl composite is a popular choice amongst business owners. It is extremely cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to replace damaged portions.

The material is quite durable and with proper care can last for many years. However, that proper care part can get to be time-consuming. Be prepared for regular waxing and polishing and the expense involved with it.

It also isn’t the most awe-inspiring flooring available. In fact, it has long been popular in hospitals, leading many people to relate it with a sterile, cold environment. This may not be the impression you want to be making.


Luxury Vinyl Tile

A more handsome option is to step up to luxury vinyl tile. You’ll pay more for it, but you have a lot of stylish options. You can even get luxury vinyl tile made to look like wood or stone. This gives your business a luxury look without the difficulties of caring for those materials.

Luxury vinyl has a specially designed wear layer that makes it easier to maintain than vinyl composite. However, this layer can wear unevenly, leading to consistency problems with the overall look of the floor.


Epoxy Floor Coating

A concrete floor is durable and inexpensive. It’s a popular option in businesses whose floors see a lot of abuse from employees dropping tools or equipment, etc.

The problem with concrete is that it’s ugly. Because it’s porous it can suck up liquids, leading to stains and becoming even uglier.

An industrial floor coating like epoxy takes care of this problem. It seals off the concrete, keeping spills on the surface where they are easy to wipe up. Plus, it helps make your durable concrete floor even more durable and last for decades.

To top it off, epoxy comes in many colors and professionals can even install custom designs and logos.


Wood Flooring Options

You may desire wood flooring in your business for its timeless, inviting aesthetic. However, real wood is expensive, hard to maintain, and easily damaged.

Engineered hardwood, while less expensive than real wood, is still expensive. The top layer is real wood, so it can also be damaged rather easily.

Laminate wood flooring is a much less expensive option and actually looks quite similar to real wood. It is prone to moisture problems, however, that can lead to buckling and cracking.


Commercial Flooring Options Galore

This is only a quick look at the many commercial flooring options out there. We hope this overview has helped steer you in the right direction.


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