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The Ultimate Desk Guide: What Style Suits You?

There are a fraction of people who work from their homes every day. Even if they do not work regular jobs, many people still benefit from desks.

Functional quality desks improve overall productivity, and employees can take advantage of some of the health benefits from an excellent office. Employees with high-quality furniture do not complain about back problems or potential health problems from working on a comfortable desk.

Desks have multiple styles, and it all differs on where you will use it. Choosing for the best one can make your work hours way smoother while the wrong desk can make you more unproductive and miserable. Consider some of these desk styles to help you identify which counters are currently right for you.


Computer desks

If you are mostly using a desk for laptops and computers, choose for a desk specifically designed to hold CPU underneath. It’s a type of workspace that provides an ergonomically built working surface and houses computer equipment comfortably. Look for built-in holes at the back of the desk for electrical connections. It is safe if you keep electrical cords unseen.


Writing desks

Writing desks are simple and elegantly spacey. This desk allows you to sit with the choice of your chair perfectly comfortable. Writing desks are conventional for its simplicity to writers writing their next novel or organising bills since it offers space for clutters and drawers. It also comes with different styles and finishes; your imagination is the only limitation of a writing desk design.


Floating desks

A floating desk gives the user more leg space. Installing floating desks is best if you want to keep your floor space open in your office — a type of style perfect for rooms with limited space and a room with a touch of minimalism.

A floating desk is getting popular in a modern office. Its size stretches from a whole wall or a short space just for the laptops. Like writing desks, you can also install different storages and drawers. Some of these desks are perfect in tight spots in your house and even in the unused corners. People who opt for this type of working space often go for the foldable one to efficiently maximise room space.


Dual-sided desks

If you are looking for a desk but can’t decide whether to buy a big desk or instead two small size desks for you and your partner, a dual-sided desk is perfect for you. A double-sided desk can give you ample space for two chairs and people. These desks also feature pull out drawers and side drawers, increasing more of its storage. Its large size is ideal for two laptops or computers.


Standing desk

A standing desk is for people whose work does not require a lot of time sitting. This desk is preferable for people who like standing up while working. It is best for bartenders and chefs. It can give them more space to move from station to station freely without obstacles and the hassle of backing up desk chairs.

Meanwhile, using a standing desk while working on something for three hours can burn you about 24 calories. Standing after a meal also helps return blood level sugars to normal and working while standing can also reduce the risk of pain in the back and shoulders.

Desks are part of the dramatic changes in the work environments over the years. Uncomfortable work stations lead to possible distractions and lessen efficiency at work. Office efficiency also drops if it is not easy for the employees to move around the office because of improper placements of desks. It is best to relocate workstations to where it can provide an optimal environment for employees.


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