Why you should do a pest inspection before purchasing a home

February 7, 2020

When buying a home, most people only focus on doing a home inspection and ignore pest inspection. But pest inspections are just as important as home inspections. These inspections identify any past, present and future damage resulting from pest infestations.

Most pest inspections only focus on identifying the presence of termites because they are the most common pests to infest a home. However, there are many other pests that can infest your home and cause huge damage to your property. Such pests include bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, fire ants, and stinging pests that can pose a danger to your health.

If you decide to have a pest inspection done, start by looking at what the inspection service covers. Ensure that your inspector covers all these pests in the inspection. Opt for a professional service like building and pest inspection brisbane that offers joint inspection (both home and pest) to save on cost. Not convinced about having a pest inspection done, here are key reasons why you actually should:

  1. Pests damage your property

Different pests cause varying levels of damage to your home - but rodents and termites are top on the list. Termites damage almost everything in the home - from walls to roofs and even furniture in your house. If you don’t detect them early or if they infest areas that you don’t frequent, these tiny insects can cost you the entire property.

On the other hand, rodents can chew an entire wiring system. This can cause you a lot of convenience due to blackouts. They can also cause short-circuits that lead to damage to electronic items. The damages that pests cause are costly to repair. Insurance companies classify pest infestations as a maintenance issue on your part. This means having an insurance cover would not help the situation.

  1. Pests are a health hazard

Some pests present a danger to your health. They leave behind shed skin and fecal matter that pollutes the air you breathe in. Other pests like cockroaches spread food contamination diseases and cause allergies. Some pests also spread bacteria in your house when they sneak in through cracks.

Bedbugs bite you in the dark causing itchy and smelly skin and cause discomfort during sleep. If they infest your home, these tiny insects are extremely difficult to get rid off. On the other hand, rodents contaminate food and any areas they access as they search for food. This can cause the rapid spread of diseases, hence the need to control pests at all costs.

Benefits of conducting a pre-purchase pest inspection

There are numerous benefits of conducting a pest inspection on your home. Here are some of them.

  1. You are aware of any pest infestations

Not all pest infestations are deal-breakers when you are purchasing a home. However, being aware of the infestation is important so you know how to handle the situation. This will help you prevent further damage and protect you from future surprises. Since buying a home is a huge investment, it is important that you know everything about the property before you risk your money.

  1. You assess the value of the property

When buying a home, you want to get value for your money. A pest inspection can help you assess the real value of the house you want to buy. This enables you to determine whether you are getting a good deal on a property or not. Some pest issues are not easy to deal with and can be costly to handle. As such, ensure that you do not buy a property that will cost you more later. Also, it is easier to renegotiate the price with the seller when you have a pest report.

  1. You identify unseen flaws

Pests are tiny but highly destructive creatures. They attack areas that are not easily accessible. As such, you need a professional to carry out a detailed and methodical visual check outside as well as inside the house. An inspection officer is better placed to find evidence of present pest infestations and any unseen damage due to their activity. He can also find past activities and conditions that present the risk of future infestations. Using high tech equipment such as motion detectors, thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, inspection officers can detect pests and help you raise the issues that ordinarily buyers are not able to see with property sellers.

  1. Ensures your safety

Your safety and that of your loved ones is very important. Conducting a pest inspection ensures that you do not buy a property that has been damaged by pests. It also ensures that your loved ones live in a safe place that does not pose any health risks. Pest inspections enable you to identify pest problems so you can solve them before they become safety risks in the future.

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