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5 Advantages of Automating Your Vacation Rental Business


Smart technology is rapidly changing all industries. The ability to innovate mundane processes and make them more efficient through technology is astonishing. Recently, vacation rental automation has become a new buzzword in the world of the sharing economy. Automating your business has many benefits for both you, as an owner, as well as your customers. It is efficient, convenient, and cost-effective. Let’s learn more about how automation can improve your business.


1. Growing Your Business and Increasing Revenue

If you’d like to receive actionable advice and grow your business quickly and efficiently, business automation software might be the perfect tool. Professional management can be difficult, especially if you’re taking care of multiple properties. Vacation rental automation tools were designed to increase efficiency and convenience. They are especially useful for finance-related tasks because they offer:

  • Thorough financial reports
  • Income tracking
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Payment processing features
  • Price and tax management

Vacation rental automation will enable hosts to make business decisions that are based on smart dynamic data, such as occupancy rates, competitors’ earnings and prices, and optimal price points. That will directly impact and improve earnings, bookings, and overall performance.


2. Saving Time & Cost-Effectiveness

Every host knows that time management is very challenging when there is always something to do. You have to respond to messages, publish reviews, manage check-ins, deliver and collect keys – the list goes on. The collection of tasks is endlessly expanding, and it seems as though there’s never enough time to finish everything. However, by automating these processes, not only will you save yourself a lot of time, but you will also save money.

Moreover, research has proven that guests are more likely to pick an apartment if it has electronic access. Automated tools such as lockboxes or smart locks will become your best friends. You won’t need to hire any external help such as a vacation rental manager, assistants, or accountants – all of which can get pretty expensive in the long run. Vacation rental management software also allows users to:

  • Automate key management
  • Send automated smart messages
  • Create message templates
  • Automate discounts and special offers
  • Manage multiple rentals from one place


3. Easy Organization

Vacation rental management can get pretty hectic and messy. If not done properly, it can become a stressful logistical nightmare. That is because hosts often manage multiple properties, post on different holiday rental platforms, manage multiple accounts, respond to messages, take care of finances, etc. Luckily, vacation rental automation allows you to:

  • Synchronize all calendars
  • Synchronize all accounts across different platforms
  • Create to-do lists
  • Coordinate and assign tasks


Managing everything from a single place is the most efficient way of running your vacation rental business. You will also receive frequent notifications about what needs to be done, which payments are due, which property needs cleaning or maintenance, who’s checking in or out, etc.


4. Less Room for Human Error

Forgetting things is normal, especially if you have to take care of a lot of microtasks on a daily basis. For example, a host needs to respond to all messages across different platforms, update their bookings, send instructions to guests, etc. That can get pretty chaotic! When the workload becomes too much to handle, certain slip-ups occur, which can hurt your business. Airbnb automation will help with taking care of mundane tasks and ensure that you never double-book a room or miss a message again. You will also be able to create virtual guestbooks that include house rules and instructions, which will be automatically sent to guests upon arrival.


5. Cleaning Will No Longer Be a Hassle

Cleaning is every property manager’s nightmare. In fact, 44% of hosts say that cleaning gives them a headache because it’s so time-consuming. It can be very difficult to coordinate cleaning teams across various properties at different times on your own. Automating cleaning and other operational tasks will allow you to shift your focus to other important things, such as customer relations, investments, or property improvements. You will be able to:

  • Automatically assign tasks to crew members
  • Notify them about last-minute arrivals
  • Receive real-time information

This type of urgency will show guests that you care. As a result, you will receive stellar reviews, boost your engagement, and increase revenue.


Vacation rental automation is the perfect move for modernizing your business, improving day-to-day processes, and increasing productivity. It offers great organizational features that will suit both you and the customer. The customers will enjoy a much smoother experience, and the host’s stress levels will be at an all-time low. This innovation has the ability to skyrocket your business, so make sure to give it a shot.


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