5 Exceptional Places You Must Visit!

March 18, 2020

1. Thanda Island | Tanzania

Thanda Island situated off the shores of Tanzania is the creme da la creme of private island getaways. This little piece of paradise is just that: it’s the place to kick back and relax in ultimate luxury. Thanda Island offers stunning private accommodation a manor house/villa as well as provide beach banda’s perfect for groups - and those who’ve always dreamt of falling asleep under the stars (on your own private island) I mean what more could you want. Whether on land or snorkelling the crystal clear waters that surround Thanda, you will be surrounded by natural beauty, tranquillity and peace. Thanda Island is an island that will capture your heart - it’s a sanctuary for mind, body and soul, with so many extraordinary activities to relish in: swimming in the large ‘fish tank’ that is the Indian Ocean, snorkelling, yachting, kayaking, swimming with whale sharks, yoga on the beach, tennis and more.  Visit Tanzania Specialist for more travel destinations.


2. Cape Town | South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is a holiday experience that’ll make you return to Africa again and again. What’s amazing about Cape Town is that it’s a cosmopolitan city - it’s fun, energetic, has a thriving nightlife and plenty of extraordinary day-time experiences to offer tourists and locals alike. The best time to visit, especially if you love warm weather and are eager to explore the many beautiful beaches, is during the summer months from November to March. Autumn also provides comfortable weather - not too hot and less wind. This makes for the ideal climate to tackle strenuous outdoor activities such as hiking Lions Head, Table Mountain and other favourites. Cape Town offers lovely holiday accommodation in, around and out of the city. Scenic drives around Cape Town in the red bus is a great way of seeing Cape Town’s popular places, such as Kirstenbosch Gardens, Boulders Beach (penguin beach), Cape Point and more. It’s impossible to be bored in a city as lively and as stunning as this: think beach, mountains, wine farms, impeccable restaurants, quirky boutiques and art galleries, shopping malls and so much more!


3. Seychelles Islands

Seychelles consists of many small islands, each surrounded by beautiful coastal landscapes and each with their own individual character. Seychelles is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With warm, clear turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches, what more could one ask for? What makes Seychelles unique is that you have the option of enjoying a lively, busier island, or you could enjoy an island that’s ultra secluded and ‘off the grid’. The best way to do it (if you have the time and resources) is to go island hopping. Some islands can be accessed by boat while others would require air-travel. You could even choose to split your holiday perhaps starting off being amongst people, shopping, dining etc and the last week visit a more private island where you can just relax, enjoy the peace and quiet, and lazing in the sun.


4. Cabo | Mexico

On the Southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur is the beautiful resort of Cabo San Lucas or Cabo, as its fondly known. Cabo is fast becoming a very popular tourist destination because it is not overpopulated at the moment with tourists, but this will soon change as the more people visit the more they spread the word of the amazing time they had while holidaying in Cabo. A boat trip is a must as you get to see so much of this beautiful area, they say if you have not taken a boat trip to ‘Lands End’, then you have not been to Cabo. There is a succession of enticing coves with calm waters for swimming and snorkelling that is a wonderful experience whether you are a beginner or professional it will leave you breathless and wanting more.


5. Bodrum | Turkey

Bodrum, lying on the edge of the Aegean Turkish coast, is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe because of its breathtaking sceneries, rich traditional culture and gorgeous bright colours. Bodrum is known for its coastal resorts, gorgeous beaches where you can laze in the sun, go snorkelling, take boat trips, or enjoy a family day at the waterpark - you may even bump into a celeb!

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