5 Important Enterprise Architecture Certifications

March 11, 2020

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It’s possible to feel stuck in any job like you have no way to grow out of your current position. It can even happen in IT.

The way to get unstuck is to show your value to employers by getting certified as an enterprise architect. Enterprise architecture certifications can open the door to a salary of about $142,000 a year, which is the median salary for enterprise architects.

Which enterprise architect certifications are going to look the most impressive to hiring managers? Read on to discover the top certifications to jump-start your IT career.


  1. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

There are about 150,000 companies that use Salesforce as a CRM. That means there are tons of job opportunities for you. With this certification, you’re well-equipped to create solutions on this platform.

There are steps to take before you become fully certified as a Salesforce architect. First off, you have to be certified as a Salesforce Certified Application Architect or Salesforce Certified Systems Architect first.

Once you have one of these certifications, you can take the Certified Technical Architect exam. It’s not a multiple-choice exam.

With this exam, you’re given a situation that you need to solve. You have a couple of hours to prepare your presentation, and then four hours to present your solution to the review board.


  1. CNDA

The Certified Network Defense Architect certification prepares you to work with federal government agencies.

If you have a desire to be a contract worker or work with companies that work with the government or military, this will be a useful certification to have.

The focus of this certification is security, and it’s a little similar to an ethical hacker certification.


  1. TOGAF 9

What is TOGAF? It stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. What’s great about this certification is that it’s based on a universally accepted framework.

A lot of certifications are based on working with specific companies and vendors. This is an open framework that can be applied in any situation.


  1. Professional Cloud Solutions Architect

This certification comes after getting your TOGAF certification. It will help you understand the underlying infrastructure of cloud and IaaS solutions, which are prevalent in many organizations today.


  1. AWS Certified Solution Architect

Do you have a couple of years of experience working with Amazon’s AWS infrastructure? This certification may be for you.

Instead of taking a class to pass an exam, you’re going to need experience with storage, networking, and AWS database solutions.


The Top Enterprise Architecture Certifications

If you want to grow your career in technology, you want to get certified as an enterprise architect. It’s a demanding and rewarding career that forces you to be strategic in planning and implementing enterprise-level networks.

The best enterprise architecture certifications will prepare you for a variety of industries and challenges. You can take your skills to defense companies or to large corporations.

Do you want more news and tips to grow your career? Check out this site often for the latest in technology and architecture.


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