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8 Basic Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

There are a few basic plumbing tips every homeowner should know in order to save you hundreds of dollars on unnecessary plumbing calls. Learn more here…


Whether you are a new homeowner or just like to DIY, there are a few basic plumbing hacks you should know. While major repairs are best left to the professionals, there are certain plumbing issues you can fix by following a few tips and tricks.


  1. Basic Plumbing Tools

Every homeowner needs to have a few tools to fix small problems that crop up here and there. As long as you have duct tape, a toilet plunger, sink plunger, wrench and pliers set and sealing material like caulk or putty, you’ll be prepared for any DIY plumbing issues to come your way.


  1. Spot A Water Leak

One of the common home plumbing tips is to know how to spot a water leak. If you’re noticing a larger than normal water bill, you may have an unnoticeable leak. You check for a leak by turning off your water for about 2 hours and monitoring the meter to see if any usage registered when the water was off.

Always call a plumber for a complete inspection if you expect a leak.


  1. Shut Off The Water

One of the most important basic plumbing tips for the beginner is to know how to shut off your water. You can do so by finding the water valve, which is usually located at the water meter. Remove the cover and turn the value with the key or a wrench.


  1. What To Put Down A Garbage Disposal

Knowing what should and shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal is the basics of plumbing. In a nutshell, you can put meat, fruits and vegetable scraps down the disposal along with citrus rinds. There are many foods you should not put down the disposal as they will clog or break your disposal.


  1. Be Able To Locate A Buried Sewer Cleanout

It’s important to know where the sewer cleanout is so your plumber can clear it in case of an emergency or a blockage. To find it, walk around the perimeter of your home and look for a pipe with a threaded cap. The pipe will probably be near a bathroom.


  1. Replace A Showerhead

Replacing a showerhead is an easy DIY project that won’t take very long to complete. To install a new showerhead, simply unscrew the old showerhead and arm, wrap the end of the new showerhead arm with plumbers tape and screw it in to install.


  1. Fix A Leaky Pipe

One of the great DIY plumbing tips is to learn how to fix a leaky pipe. Since a leaking pipe can be a sign of a larger problem, it’s better to do a temporary fix and call a plumber to check for any other issues. You can temporarily repair a leaking pipe with a pipe clamp, plumber’s putty or tape.


  1. Have The Phone Number For A Local Plumber

Major plumbing and heating jobs should be completed by 5 Star Plumbing because attempting to DIY can result in more damage and costly repairs. Make sure to have the number of a quality plumber on hand, one who has a 24/7 emergency line for those inevitable after hours plumbing issues.


Basic Plumbing Hacks To Know: The Bottom Line

By using these basic plumbing hacks, you’ll be able to DIY small plumbing jobs and save money in the process.


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