How to Get Rid of Dust after Floor Sanding

March 20, 2020

Epoxy Flooring

When talking about choosing to floor for industrial use, there are plenty of options available but the resinous flooring which can be called epoxy flooring too is the most decorative, long-lasting and can be customized.

However, epoxy is a kind of material like plastic or paint that is created as a polymer of epoxides. Epoxy usually refers to the type of coating that is done with the help of two distinct chemicals which are referred to as ‘resins’. Resin is actually a chain polymer which is not so long and has an epoxide group attached at the end of the chain.

And using epoxy for flooring typically means a surface which is made up of a number of layers of epoxy that is applied on the floor at the depth of at least 2 millimeters. But there are so many things that you need to know before getting an epoxy floor coating like- you must get all kinds of cracks repaired and it’s better to remove oil or grease from the surface. Moreover, the concrete must be cured properly before getting the flooring done.

Well, one of the most popular types of epoxy flooring is the all-new epoxy 3D flooring. This 3D flooring is the latest trend in the fancy floor world. It does not look like a sticker or painted vinyl, rather it gives the perception of depth and is capable enough to resist any kind of damage that would easily affect the floor decorations. In addition to the myriad benefits, this epoxy flooring offers, it has some disadvantages too.

Pros of epoxy flooring

Shiny and visual appearance:- The glossy surface of the epoxy flooring creates a shining appearance that lifts up the overall brightness of the home interiors to the max possible. Furthermore, the all-new epoxy 3D flooring helps you increase the room space visually and implementing your infinite imagination to make it more attractive.

Durability and strength:- Epoxy is impervious and highly resistant to various acidic materials or chlorine used for daily cleaning. And further offers a hard-wearing long-lasting surface that is capable enough of handling heavyweights. For the same reason, these kinds of floors are preferred for industrial use as well as in residential sectors.

Easy to install and clean:- The epoxy flooring does not need any kind of layouts or additional adhesives or tools to be installed. Moreover, this kind of flooring has no joints, cracks or gaps which make it absolutely resistant to any kind of dust or chemicals.

Cons of epoxy flooring

Despite being the most durable flooring, the epoxy flooring is a little pricey. As the demand for such fancy flooring is high in the market but there are not enough professionals. So, popularity raises the cost further. Also, the materials used are not cheap either.

Epoxy floors are as cold as tiles or concrete, especially the new epoxy 3D floors. So, it is better to decide as to where you want to use them, prior to installation.

Epoxy floors take a lot of time to cure, sometimes it would take 3 to 5 days or even longer be fully cured.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Looking for unique flooring and that too at low home remodel cost? Well, polished concrete flooring is all you desire. However, polished concrete flooring is actually a floor made with simple concrete, either raw or colored which is further treated with a chemical densifier and very heavy duty machines are used to gradually grind down the concrete surface to meet your desired level of smooth and shining appearance. Moreover, the fineness of the surface increases with the increasing number of grits.

Moreover, there are plenty of techniques used for this concrete flooring but in almost every technique, only one layer of concrete is poured which is at least 10 cm thick. And the next day, the cracks are filled with some kind of expandable color contrasted sealant to make it attractive. And for getting this hard flooring, you must consider some specialist installer with a good experience like the professionals in Polished Concrete Brisbane Company.

This idea of getting these shiny floors with exposed aggregate sounds can actually be a great help in the enhancement of the appearance of the home or office or industry. Besides the communal benefits of this concrete flooring, there are some drawbacks to using it in certain areas.

Pros of polished concrete flooring

High durability:- The polished concrete floor is highly durable, resilient and is capable enough to withstand the pressure from the heavy equipment as well as from the heavyweights of traffic. This kind of flooring can hardly get damaged. Moreover, this kind of concrete floors rarely any scratches or cracks or chips.

Cost-effective:- The polished concrete flooring can be cost-effective as it can be cheaper as 2 dollars and can be expensive as 30 dollars per square meter depending upon the complexity of the design of flooring you choose. Furthermore, these floorings are price savers as they don’t need to get replaced until and unless you get bored of the previous look of your flooring.

Static dissipative:- A concrete floor without sealing often antistatic tendencies, although it totally depends on the moisture level of the floor which is making it difficult to rely on them. And some anti-static coatings can be done to ensure the static discharge.

Cons of polished concrete flooring

Hard:- The ultimate strength and the durability of this polished concrete flooring can prove to be a drawback as it makes the flooring so hard that it becomes difficult to stand on it for a long time. For which, you need to install some kind of anti-fatigue mats.

Loud:- Polished concrete floors can be loud just like the ceramic tiles or some kind of bamboo floors which can be further reduced with the help or some rugs or acoustic wall panels.

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