Making the Move: A Guide to the 8 Best Places to Live in Australia

March 28, 2020

Thinking of moving to the land down under? Be sure to pick the right city! Check out this guide to the very best places to live in Australia.


It's time to make a move. Whether it's for business or personal reasons, you're preparing to move to Australia. It's a big change for you and your family, but you're ready to embrace the change.

Before finding your forever-home in Australia, you'll need to do a bit of research. The best places to live in Australia depend on your personal situation. You'll need to know what type of living environment you're looking for to help you decide the best location for you.

Luckily, Australia has lots to offer for many different lifestyles. Are you moving with your family and need to find a great family-friendly neighborhood? Are you moving solo and looking for a city with amazing nightlife?

Listed below are the top cities in Australia to live in for all different types of needs from family neighborhoods to busy nightlife and everything in between. Continue reading below for everything you need to know before making the move!


  1. Rockingham 

Rockingham is the ideal location for working families. It's a smaller town on the west coast of Australia and is home to sea lions and penguins who call the shoreline home. Because of its smaller size and distance from city life, it makes for the perfect peaceful place to raise a family.

Finding a job while living in Rockingham should be no problem as the city of Perth is only a short commute away. Rockingham is a wine region that's up-and-coming but gives you the country lifestyle with the city and plenty of activities and jobs just a short distance away.


  1. Townsville

Townsville is a growing community and there are plenty of job options available. It's located in Queensland and offers its residents many outdoor activities. If you enjoy diving, sailing, or taking nature walks, then Townsville is your ideal location.

You'll find lots to do whether you're in or outside the city.


  1. Adelaide

House prices in Adelaide are more affordable than in some other popular cities, which could be a great plus. In Adelaide, you'll experience a rich social life while still enjoying that country feel.

The food and drink options here are endless, so foodies will appreciate living here. There are also many events that happen here throughout the year. If city or suburb living is your thing, then Adelaide is for you!

Adelaide offers many opportunities for those looking for work in the healthcare, manufacturing, and education field.


  1. Melbourne 

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy a busy city life. It's home to several great schools, which is perfect for families. Here, you'll find a good mix of culture in the cuisine, and it's often said that Melbourne has some of the best restaurants and nightlife options!

Sports and arts fill the city's streets and the weather here changes throughout each day, so you'll always need to stay prepared. This city is popular for young professionals, but there are opportunities for all ages here. You can easily find work in construction, technology, financial services, and more!


  1. Canberra

Canberra is the nation's capital and gives its residents a small-town feel. Housing here is some of the most affordable in Australia. For having such affordable houses here, there's still a lot to do. The best places to invest in Canberra for your dream home depend on personal choices. You’ll need to know what type of living environment you’re looking for to help you decide the best location for you.

Lake Burley Griffin is right around the corner and welcomes you to enjoy sailing and fishing adventures. If you'd rather stay dry, consider biking or hiking around the lake. Hills and nature surround this city and create an endless amount of outdoor activities.

Aside from keeping nature lovers happy, Canberra also has plenty of bars and restaurants to keep social butterflies happy as well.


  1. Sydney 

Sydney is Australia's largest city and comes with many job opportunities. Several different industries thrive here in Sydney's growing economy. It is, however, Australia's most expensive place to live but with good reason.

There are many bars, restaurants, and clubs to check out in the central district when living here, which makes it a great place for solo young professionals. Don't let that you, though. Sydney's beaches and suburb life makes for a great family neighborhood as well!

This city is home to the famous Opera House and great surfing opportunities as well!


  1. Perth

On the west coast of Australia lies Perth. The weather here is warm all year long and the city is filled with beautiful parks. It's a great place for families to live as there are a few great schools in the area.

Finding a job here in the healthcare, mining, or technology industry will be a breeze. When you're not working, be sure to visit Perth's amazing beaches and cultural attractions.


  1. Brisbane 

The housing market in Brisbane is more affordable than that of Sydney and Melbourne, and it's Australia's third-largest city. The river that runs through Brisbane offers plenty of water activities for its residents. Here, you'll find skyscrapers in the center but plenty of nature surrounding the center.

The tourism industry, hospitality, and manufacturing industries are in great demand here, making Brisbane an ideal location for those looking for work in these industries. The suburbs here make for a relaxing lifestyle with the city center still nearby.


Consider These Best Places to Live in Australia! 

Making a move to a new city or to a new continent is exciting but a bit nerve-wracking as well. To ensure you find the best location for you and your family, keep these best places to live in Australia in mind!


For more helpful topics, be sure to keep checking back with us on a regular basis!


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