Most User-Friendly VR/AR Tools for Home Renovation

March 27, 2020

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Augmented reality is undeniably one of the coolest technical advantages. Among its most exciting applications is the design potential that allows us to take the art of visualization to the next level. Today, not only designers but everyone can create an AR rendering of how space would look after a renovation.


Homeowners and designers can equally make use of these simple, yet practical tools. We asked the design savvys at to do some research. They curated the best tools available in the market today to make your home remodeling a lot more interesting.


1. iStaging

This architectural app lets you see how different color schemes will work for your home. The program works in real-time, and you will require a VR headset for the best effect. Users can also put in different furniture, all to scale. The app is perfect for getting an accurate idea of what changes should happen where.


Along with the headset, iStaging offers a 360-degree view of augmented reality. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


2. MagicPlan

Though it looks advanced and complex, MagicPlan makes planning the house remodeling smooth for every user. The tool essentially creates floor plans based on the room scans and measurements. The app is a real gem for every team in your renovation project. Users can further draw plans using a Bluetooth laser distance meter or by manually taking measurements.


MagicPlan comes with a lot more features like plan import and the ability to draw over them. You can also export plans to share with the other teams, in editable formats.


3. Live Home 3D

This sophisticated tool can help you draft plans and then change them into 3D renderings. The app makes an excellent choice for both private and professional design purposes. Users can design any space entirely in virtual reality, including the interiors. Upon completion, you can export the designs as images or videos to get a complete view of various rooms.


Live Home 3D, similar to the previous one, is best viewed with a VR headset but is very versatile to work on a mobile phone, tablet or PC, too.



It is time to put your measuring tape down and pick up your phone. Knowing the correct measurements is significant, especially when you are renovating a space. With PLNAR, users can now capture the dimensions of a room with the utmost ease. PLNAR uses the latest AR technology not only to measure but also to create 3D models of interior spaces in real-time.


Designers or homeowners can further use the app to obtain perimeter, area, or even generate a CAD file of a room. This is an exceptional tool for contractors, architects, or homeowners to get accurate details of a space and export it into workable files.


5. Myty AR

Myty is all about helping you picture how a piece of furniture would look in your home. This powerful interior design app is easy-to-use, and it explores the benefit of AR to the best. You can choose furniture from their catalog of products, change the texture and place it in the desired spot to get a clear idea.


Additionally, you can even create another virtual room to see how the space would look with changes in floors, walls, furniture, and decor. There is also a gallery to find inspiration from. The app makes it easier to export images of your ideas and to share them with your contractor.


6. Plant Life Balance

Today, trendy designs always have the touch of greens boosting the energy in any space. If you favor live plants, then this app could certainly take the guesswork out of your decorating. Plan Life Balance lets you pick the right plants, based on scientific data from experts to improve the indoor air quality of your rooms.


Along with AR, you simply have to choose the plant from the "living looks" and drop it to your room to see its effect on the space.


7. Wayfair

Wayfair's mobile app is the ideal tool to visualize and to make furniture purchases from the company's variety of 7 million products. Through the app, you can see life-sized versions of the products, and see how they will modify your house in real-time. This app works best with the Wayfair Room Planner tool.


Where the tool stands out is that you know exactly where to find the products, save your ideas, shop, and track their delivery, all through this app.


8. Ikea Place

No home design list would be complete without at least one mention of Ikea. With the support of AR, Ikea has elevated how customers experience its products. The AR app allows you to experiment with spaces and find out how each of their products would fit in your area.


Ikea Home virtually places the home products that are true to scale in your space. Forget fascinating over Ikea's home models, bring Ikea to your home with this tool.


Final Words

For those who dread the hassle of ordering the wrong furniture and returning it, why not take advantage of these latest tools? You will soon be doing the interior designing yourself for the long-awaited home renovations.


I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.

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