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Phuket Travel Tips That Will Make Your Trip to Thailand More Fun


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Phuket is one of Thailand’s largest islands, also known as the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. It’s popular with tourists visiting Southeast Asia and for a good reason, too. Its magnificent coastline, lined with stretches of white sandy beaches that are strung together by beautiful rock formations, is the reason why it has attracted crowds of people to its shores for decades.


It’s among the world’s finest beach destinations, with over 30 impressive beaches to choose from. A few examples of Phuket’s best beaches are Kala, Patong Beach, Kamala, and Kalong, to mention a few. The island caters to everyone, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a solo traveler, traveling with family, or just looking to have some fun at the beach.


If you want to get the most out of your time in Phuket, then read on for some valuable travel tips.


Avoid visiting Phuket during the high season

The island attracts a lot of travelers from all over the world, especially around Christmas and New Year, when everyone is on holiday. If you’re looking to have a remarkable time at the beach or exploring the island during this time, then you’re probably not the only one.

Phuket isn’t only famous for its spectacular beaches, but it also serves as a central location to the other surrounding islands. With hundreds of tours running daily, it can get quite congested and overwhelming. The tip is to avoid vacationing in Phuket during the Christmas holidays, so you’ll experience less congested beaches, shorter queues, and you can explore the islands and beaches without feeling like you’re competing for space.


Dressing when visiting the temples

Phuket is a prominent Buddhist island with a few extraordinary Buddhist temples that are great to visit. Being a tropical island with beautiful sunny weather, you’ll probably spend most of your time in bikinis and shorts. However, you can’t walk into the temples dressed in shorts and beachwear.

For ladies, pack a sarong or a scarf to cover your shoulders and legs. For men, wear or pack a shirt when going to temples. They are friendly and welcoming to people, but they will find it disrespectful if you dress inappropriately. Temples are places of worship for monks and devotees. It’s good to respect their customs.

Book for your transport or tours through your hotel or a reputable company.

Many people like to take advantage of tourists, no matter which country you’ve traveled to. Be safe about choosing your scooters, cars, or any form of transport when in Phuket. There’s usually a standard fee, but some may charge double if you’re not careful. Make arrangements with your hotel or a reputable company for any tours you’re planning.



Phuket is a fun and easy-going destination with so much to offer. If you want to have a remarkable and memorable time on the island, use the above tips to make your trip more fun.




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