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The Top Handbag Trends of 2020

Handbags are one thing that will never go out of style. Here are the top handbag trends of 2020.


Whether you’re a trend chaser or a trendsetter, it’s important to know what the hottest items of the year are before spring shopping.

Some of 2019’s handbag trends have bled into this year (cough, the oversized totes, cough) but here are a few new things to keep an eye on.


The Sling

We’re stoked about the sling purse trends we’re seeing this year. They’re versatile and the options are endless.

Find one with crazy colors, materials, and shapes as a statement piece. Alternatively, you can go with classic neutrals that complement any outfit.

The sling is essentially a small messenger bag, which in and of itself is a classic fashion piece. They were used by men in the 17th century to carry books, documents, and letters.

Now, they’re not simply about function — they’re about style.


The Itsy Bitsy

If you’re a minimalist, a tiny bag will be your power move of 2020.

With just enough room for credit cards, headphones, lip gloss, keys, and your phone (if you get one big enough), you won’t ever waste time looking through your endless Mary Poppins bag.

Go for a U bag, a Trésor pouch, or whichever Fendi bags call your name. Keep it on one shoulder or wear it cross-shouldered — it’s up to you.


The Jumbo Tote

In the case that you’re someone who likes carrying more than the bare minimum, perhaps you’d fancy a jumbo tote in your life.

We’re seeing more of these XL bags in 2020 with graphic print designs, clear materials, and popping colors.

Another option is elegant florals, as this pattern seems to keep making its way to the runway time and time again.


The Clutch

Even if you’re a person who loves a huge bag, you’ll want to follow the clutch trend to some extent. A perfect example is at formal events or galas.

Pick up a clutch with a giant buckle or puffy material. They’re hot, they’re in, and they complement any classy outfit.


Handbag Trends Involving Natural Elements

Perhaps it’s because of the “going green” movements surrounding media and press, or perhaps it’s due to the beauty of nature itself.

Either way, we’re seeing more natural fibers and materials this year. Think wicker basket bags and weaves, for example.

If that’s not your flavor, stay in style by choosing a bag with vegan leather or bamboo handles.


Chains and Rope

Chains instead of straps? Yes, please!

A chained purse is an excellent way to tie all of your accessories together. We’re seeing more silver and gold-strapped bags this year, giving us another reason to go shopping for new rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Decorative buckles are included in the trend, too, especially on the front of the bag rather than on the clasp.


Find Your Favorite 2020 Fashion Trends

Now that you have an idea of the 2020 handbag trends, you can shop accordingly.

Pick out a few different bags to stay fresh and keep reading our blog for more ways to level-up this year.


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