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Three Cheers to Truck Mount Cleaning for your Carpets!


Clean carpet is assuredly essential for healthy living! But attaining the same can be a headache! How many times do you watch your fading carpet and feel dreadful about the task ahead? This is one task that demands lots of time, oodles of human efforts and even a handsome amount of detergent supply, plus the complex machines. Even though you would be dreaming of the same, but, carpets couldn’t be cleaned with a blink of an eye!


For a healthy and tidy living space, cleaning the carpet professionally and regularly is crucial. And if you are debating that you hardly have them soiled, it doesn’t even look stained or there isn’t any sign of any water damage on carpet, then you aren’t well informed about the proper maintenance of these carpets.


After looking at your carpet cleaning options it is best to find a locale option. You might be wondering how to find carpet cleaning near me. Locations near sandy geographical region tend to have more carpet cleaning companies.


A carpet is the breeding ground of various bacteria, germs and insects even though these don’t look soiled or dirty! The settled dust, dirt and harmful chemicals on it are enough reasons for you to go for professional cleaning of the same on a regular basis. 



  •   Benefits of truck mount cleaning of carpets! 

You may have often heard about the method of truck mount carpet cleaning by Absolute Carpet care. These are professionals and experts in this cleaning method and provide a dedicated team for the task and have a huge 30 years of experience in carpet cleaning. So, what is this truck mount method of cleaning a carpet? Basically, during a truck mount cleaning, a carpet is mounted to the floor of the vehicle and cleaned through hot water extraction. And this truck is mostly parked near your home and provides complete cleaning treatment of the carpets. But still, lots of people hesitate to try this method of carpet cleaning. And if you are one of them, then here are the valid reasons or the various benefits of trying the same today! 


  1.       High water temperature cleaning —Don’t you often wash your clothes in very hot water to get rid of the tough dirt and germs? And how much can you heat the water? Up to sixty or seventy-degree Fahrenheit may be?  Well, a truck mounted carpet cleaning method uses the same full proof method of cleaning your carpet in hot water, and the temperature here can be as far as two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This is far more than any of the portable machines can achieve. And cleaning at such a high temperature guarantees the cleaning agents to be more active — and hence your carpet not only looks spotless but also stays germs-less! 


  1.       Faster and mess free cleaning — When you get the carpets cleaned in a traditional manner, even with the machines present, the task becomes quite lengthy. From picking up the mess to drying the carpets, everything takes a lot of your time. While, truck mounts have their waste tank and a straight water supply. This ensures the work gets done faster — and since the task isn’t happening at your place, you need not worry of the mess at all! 


  1.       Higher levels of vacuum, steam and pressure — The high level of pressure that goes in truck mount cleaning method ensures that your carpet is washed thoroughly. Plus, the added effect of steam does the rest! Also, whether it’s a water damaged, totally soaked carpet or it’s the carpet that has just been cleaned in the truck, the high level of vacuuming on it ensures that it dries well and you can use it faster. 


Just like any other item in your home, even your carpet is subjected to dirt and stains. And most the times, the solution for it can be a detailed and thorough cleaning done by an expert! So, if you have got such an excellent solution of truck mount cleaning method handy, then why compromise with the health of your family and the look of your house? Book a cleaning session immediately!


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