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When Should You Call An Emergency Electrician in Sydney?


Sydney is a coastal city known all over for the iconic Opera House and the Bondi Beach. It is a dense Metro with more than five million residents. Port Stephens and the Blue Mountains are just a short ride away, and you will feel like you are transported to another world.


Sydney is also rapidly growing. Everywhere you look, you see new construction sites. New homes are erected every day, which is why electricians are also in high demand. However, if you are a homeowner or a business owner, how do you know when to call an emergency electrician Sydney?


  1. When you find exposed wires — If you see bare wirings, contact Sydney emergency electricians right away. Do not attempt to DIY the task since a live wire is extremely dangerous. Not only will you risk your house, but you are also risking an electrical short-circuit, which is one of the most common causes of fires.


  1. If you experience water leak — burst pipes or damaged ceilings can cause flooding in your home. They are already unfortunate events that are rather costly to repair. However, there is an area that homeowners fail to address in the aftermath of the flooding–their electrical wire system. When water comes into contact with your power outlets and wires, you might be in danger of electrical shock. Some of the appliances and other metal components in your houses may also be grounded, which is dangerous, especially to small kids and pets. For instance, once the flood has subsided and the leak addressed, the emergency electrician in Sydney will recommend a ground fault circuit interrupter for additional safety.


  1. If you notice a spark or smell something burning — When live wire sparks, try to shut off the main circuit right away and call an emergency electrician in Sydney. Do not, in any way, throw water into the wires as it will burst into flames or electrocute you. If you notice smoke coming from your power outlets or smell plastic burning, contact a professional immediately. Do not dismiss these red flags. Even if only as a precautionary measure, or even if you spend on the contractor, it is better safe than sorry.


  1. When your power suddenly conks out — Power outages are common in a major city for various reasons. However, if your house appears to be the only one affected, there could be an underlying issue. In some cases, rebooting the main switch will solve the problem. If not, call an emergency electrician. They are available 24/7 and can get to your house in the soonest possible time.



According to data, electrical-related issues represent 40% of the residential fire incidents in New South Wales. It is also listed as one of the top three leading causes of fires in Tasmania.


You are not saving money by trying to resolve your electrical woes on your own. If you have no experience in the matter, better stand back and let an emergency electrician handle the task. The amount of money you think you save would be nothing to the peace of mind you enjoy, knowing your family and house are safe.


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