15 Modern Loft Design Ideas

April 8, 2020

Transform your loft into a cozy, contemporary retreat that you love returning to every day with these 15 modern loft design ideas.

Loft conversions with a unique loft design are one of the most popular and appealing house conversion options today.

What was once a rarely used storage space can become an all-new hideaway in your new home. Be it a new bedroom or a dedicated gaming space, there are more options than ever to turn your loft into a feature room of your house.

Due to the nature of a loft (quite high usually) its the ideal area to make into a cozy space for you, your partner or your children.

These are 15 modern loft ideas you can use to transform your loft into your favorite room in the house!

A loft conversion company can help assist you if you are looking to tackle the challenge!

  1. Stairway To Heaven

The first thing you need to focus on in your loft redesign is how you get up there. If you have stairs, spruce them up! You could add a spiraled staircase for some real originality, or create freestanding stairs like these. It's the first step (excuse our pun) to a fabulous new loft!

  1. Got A Ladder? Electrify!

If you get up to your loft via a ladder, rather than stairs, you can upgrade them too! Nothing impresses guests more than an electric ladder up to your loft, like a spacecraft landing. If you want to wow your guests with an electric ladder to your loft, shop here.

  1. Sneaky Entrance

Another great loft apartment design idea is disguising the way up. Whether you have stairs or a ladder, if you hide them away as part of your ordinary decor, it can add a secretive element to your loft. Your kids will love having a secret passageway to their loft space.

  1. High-Rise Sleeping

You can transform your loft space into a new bedroom. If you have a baby on the way, it's the perfect way to create a family home. Once you've transformed your loft into a bedroom, you'll never sleep downstairs again!

  1. Curtained Off

When it comes to loft decor ideas, you need to be thinking about design as well as privacy. Curtains can be a great way of separating your loft space from the rest of your house. You can match the color with the interior to maximize aesthetics, whilst still being functional. Or, you can get creative with your barriers and install wooden beams to hide your loft space away.

  1. A Window To The World

Because they are so high up, you can really get creative with your use of windows in your loft. Angled windows can let a lot of natural light in, whilst offering a great view of the outside world. Make the most of your surroundings and the height of your loft by installing a large window to the outside world.

  1. Loft Design: Let Your Artistic Side Loose

A loft can be a space that has been specially designed for you. You can put up the artwork that you love, but you don't think is quite right for your guests. This allows your loft to be the perfect place for you to go to and relax. Think of it as your bedroom when you were a child; it should be unapologetically you. 

  1. Or, Go Full Guest Mode

Or if you'd rather go in a different approach, you can design your loft as a guest room space. Think clean lines, pleasant artwork and a homely atmosphere. You want somewhere where your guests can rest their heads with just enough character to not be intrusive.

  1. Game On!

As we mentioned before, a loft space can be perfect as a video gaming hideaway. All you need is a TV, your games console, some comfy seating, and good lighting, and you're away! You'll no longer have to kick your kids out of the living room or push your partner off the PlayStation to watch TV.

  1. Work Work Work

If you often work from home, sliding a desk into your loft can be a good way of separating work life from home life. Not only is it a quiet place to work, but a loft can also often be just big enough for all the things you need. Just make sure you install a router if the WiFi isn't as strong up there!

  1. A Bookshelf Up High

If you're concerned your loft space isn't big enough to optimize, think again. Many ideas require minimal space for maximum comfort. If you're a bookworm, consider making some bookshelf walls and buying a comfy chair. This is all you need to turn your loft into a library of luxury.

  1. Desk and Wall Lights

When you think of a loft, you think of a dark and dingy room. But this doesn't have to be the case! If you have limited space, get a small desk lamp or a wall light. These can work wonders for the lighting in your loft space, at a low cost and taking up a minimal amount of room.

  1. Beautify Your Barricades

Barricades can often be a necessary part of loft design for the safety of those up there. But they don't have to be garish. A lick of paint can transform a barrier from a necessity to a feature. Consider matching the wood to your house interior, or the color to the loft itself. In this way, the barricade becomes part of the room, rather than just a safety measure.

  1. Ever Slept In A Hammock?

Your loft doesn't even necessarily need a bed to serve as a bedroom. Though perhaps not ideal for a regularly used bed, a hammock can be a fun and exciting way to differentiate bedtime for kids. Just make sure its safely hung and far away from the edge of the loft!

  1. En-Suite

If your loft is located in your bedroom, why not transform it into a shower space? This way you can have that en-suite you always dreamed of. This is a practical use for loft spaces that few people consider as an option.

And So Much More!

These are just 15 ideas but there are so many more loft design options you can implement.

Make sure to focus on saving space, maximizing on essentials and never forgetting the loft's purpose. If you do this, your loft will look spectacular in no time!

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