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5 Amazing Steel Building Designs You’re Sure to Love

Looking for ideas on how to make your next building design great? Click here to learn some unique steel building designs that you’re sure to be inspired by.

Is it a barn? A shed? A warehouse? Who knows? Steel buildings all look the same, right?

Wrong. In fact, steel has been used to make some of the world’s most innovative buildings.

The benefits of steel make builders choose it for many reasons. It can be constructed quickly, it’s often inexpensive to build, it saves owners money in heating and cooling costs, and it’s safe from rot, mold, insect damage, and fire. It’s light and strong and often needs no foundation, allowing for freedom in location and structure. 

It’s time to move away from steel building types that always look like barns and warehouses because steel can be used to create unique and interesting structures. These five steel building designs can help inspire your next project.

The Best Steel Building Designs

A survey of modern steel buildings shows many ways that architects and designers break up and avoid standard rectangular building shapes. A look at some of their work can help designers learn how to design a steel building.

  1. Incorporate Curves

Use the versatility of steel to break up flat walls and rectangular boxes with fluid, rounded shapes.

For instance, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles is all curves. Incorporating even a single curved wall into a conventional rectangular building will provide a striking accent.

  1. Change Roof Angles

Instead of using a standard ridged or gabled roof, a steel building allows you to create roofs stretching in unconventional angles.

The 18.36.54 house by Studio Liebesdkind, named for the 18 planes that form the exterior, has side wings slanting at opposite angles to the adjoining roof and walls–none at 90-degree angles, with no ridge roof. 

  1. Facade

You can put almost any type of facade over steel walls.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland is covered in mirror-reflective black stainless steel, but you can also cover a steel building with paint, stucco, brick, or stone. This means that your steel building can look like a brick mansion, a mission-style adobe home, or a stone castle.

  1. Play With Windows

Since a steel building does not rely on walls for its support, a designer is free to fill the walls with windows of any shape and size.

The Museum Residences, a building of condos across from the Denver Art Museum, uses windows in much of the exterior, but they appear as jagged polygons as well as rectangles. Or consider skyscrapers, which can be covered completely with glass windows. 

  1. Combine With Other Materials

Steel can be incorporated with wood, concrete, and other materials to make a structure stronger.

It can also add beauty to a design, which you can see in the wood-paneled Felix Nussbaum Haus in Osnabrück, Germany. 

Design Your Own Steel Building

Once you’ve come up with your own steel building designs, it’s time for you to call a manufacturer. Global Steel Buildings Canada will help you construct the best quality steel structure at the lowest possible price.

Contact us so that we can help you turn your steel building design into reality!

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