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5 Sources for Real Estate Agent Recruitment


It’s essential for real estate brokerages to recruit new talent, especially if they have a continuously growing customer base. However, recruiting new agents is also one of the biggest challenges in the industry. This is due to various factors, including the low number of licensed real estate agents who move from their current brokerages within 12 months.

The question, then, is how to make real estate recruiting easier. More to the point, where do you find skilled real estate agents to bolster your team? Check out the list below for some of the best places to look.


Personalized Email

You might be a little skeptical about using email marketing to recruit real estate agents. After all, you’ve probably already ignored hundreds if not thousands of emails yourself. At most, you’ve probably opened a message but didn’t click on the links despite the videos and colorful infographics.

The thing is, almost everybody knows that any non-personal email they receive is probably a canned message. As a marketer, it’s easy to send a blanket email. As a recipient, however, it’s a little tiring to receive them from multiple brands or individuals. This is not the response you want when you’re recruiting real estate agents.

The best way to recruit through email (and send emails, in general) is to personalize your message. It takes a lot longer but it will definitely resonate more. Get to know the agents before sending anything. Look for specific information that can serve as a conversation starter and make them open up. Joining a new brokerage is a big decision that some agents may not be ready for. It’s your job to make them feel welcome by starting your professional relationship with genuineness. Make sure to end the email with a polite request to talk in person.


MLS Data

Real estate agents and brokerages are more than familiar with the MLS and its database. Not many, however, use it to farm data and build a prospecting list. You only need to exert a little more effort to see a list of some of the best real estate agents that you can attract to your own brokerage or agency. To speed up your search, prepare a list of criteria before you dive into MLS data.


Video Messages

Video ads and content have been found to be more effective and engaging than image-based ads and content. This is because videos are simply more engaging, which make it easier for the content to catch and maintain attention. What’s even better is that you don’t need your video to be a grand production. Even smartphone footage can be compelling content, which can be further improved using simple video editing apps.

Some content ideas to get you started include informative videos. Buyers and sellers will always appreciate tips from an expert, while fellow real estate practitioners may be more drawn to “day in the life” types of videos. It’s also a good idea to create a video channel for your brokerage where you can post even more valuable and relevant content. Remember to share that your agency is on the hunt for new agents. Do this at the end as a “hard” call to action, but you can also use this information to open your video.


Referral Programs

Is your team a bunch of enthusiastic go-getters? Do they love your company culture and are always looking for ways to improve and help the company reach success? Then you’ll be happy to know that you already have one of the best sources of new talent! Indeed, one of the easiest ways to find new real estate agents is to create a referral program for your team. Your team is already familiar with the kind of people you want, so they also know what to look for whether in their own networks or beyond.

Make your referral program rewards-based as well. Ideally, the incentives would depend on the performance of the referred candidate, so your team will also be more conscientious of choosing candidates. Some ideas for incentives include cash bonuses or even extra vacation days.



Another great way to spot potential talent is to put yourself in front of them as their teacher. If you have sufficient experience and are a gifted speaker, consider becoming a teacher. Talented real estate agents are always looking to improve themselves and would be more than willing to attend classes from an industry expert. It’s a good idea to charge for your classes. This puts value on your knowledge and therefore makes your classes more attractive to quality recruits. You may also want to brush up on your marketing and go on workshops to help you craft an engaging training session.


Real estate recruiting is a challenging task, but its pay-offs for your brokerage are definitely worth the effort. If you need ideas on where to look for top talent, try exploring these sources to help you with your search.


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