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7 Protective Gears to Be Put On For Safety Purpose in an Industry

41% of those who were injured in work-related incidents got their injuries by colliding with moving objects, falling objects, and by falling down. Looking at this data, it is clear that these injuries could have been prevented by protective gear. This article lists down 7 different kinds of protective gear that can reduce injuries to your workers. 

Hard Helmets/Hats

We can prevent injuries from falling objects by asking our workers to wear hard helmets or hats at the workplace. Even small objects, such as a screw, falling down from great heights can inflict big injuries on our uncovered heads. Workers on construction sites are especially vulnerable to these threats because you never know when and where small objects can fall down from windows, balconies, and roofs. 

Hats and helmets should be worn as prescribed by the manufacturer. This protective clothing should adhere to the safety standards prescribed by the local regulatory authorities. 

Eye Protection

Our eyes are our most delicate and sensitive organs. Without our eyes, we can’t walk around and accomplish our tasks. 

Unfortunately, at workplaces, many workers don’t take care of their eyes. In many cases, employers fail to provide eye-protection devices to their workers. Because of this carelessness, it is estimated that more than 600 people lose their eye-sight in their work-places worldwide. 

Eye-protection devices are needed if there is a lot of welding work going on at your premises. If your workers aren’t using those devices, sparks may hurt their eyes, causing blindness. 

Protective Footwear

Safety shoes are a must for your workers. These shoes accomplish several tasks. Safety shoes stop injuries to the vulnerable areas of your foot. If you aren’t wearing a safety shoe, you might injure your toe or your ankle. You might even slip on wet and damp surfaces. 

Your protective footwear must be made of a flexible and insulating material such as rubber. Its sole should have a ridged surface for getting a better grip. Rubber made shoes accomplish several things. One, they stop electric currents. Two, rubber-made shoes also keep your feet dry. If there is a lot of oil and grease stored in your factory, it is better to wear protective footwear. Now, what type of shoes will be better for you? To answer that question, you can consult a specialized source. Head over to find out the difference between brands and which ones are the most convenient for you


Rubber-made gloves help us in getting a better grip and protecting us from electric shocks. They also keep our hands and arms dry. f you are looking for the utmost quality in safety gear for your construction and manufacturing workers, please click here

Safety Hoists

If your workers are working in high-rise buildings, they would need safety hoists. These hoists are made of steel, and help workers slither from the top floor to the ground. Safety hoists are meant for painting the exteriors of buildings and inspecting any construction flaws. 

Respiratory Apparatus

Workers in factories and chemical plants would need respiratory apparatus. Quite often, they are exposed to dangerous fumes emanating from plants and factories. Please preserve their health by providing them with masks and other respiratory apparatus. 

Hearing Protection

Provide your workers with earplugs for hearing protection. Now that we have touched upon the seven most critical safety equipment, let’s also talk about accident prevention. 

Please restrict your construction and manufacturing sites to the authorized personnel only. Put up markers advising intruders to stay away from those areas. Train your workers on all aspects of safety and accident prevention regularly. 

Lastly, please have a clinic at your premises to treat any injuries. Make sure it is stocked with medicines and bandages.

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