Beautiful 2020 Kitchen Design Trends You Need to See

April 8, 2020

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It should be designed to your liking, right? Check out these jaw dropping 2020 kitchen design trends.

With 58% of homeowners planning to make an investment in home improvement, what's the best project to embark on? Not every project will give you a return on investment. The top returns come from kitchen remodels.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home that makes it the room in your home that you absolutely have to get right. Check out these amazing 2020 kitchen design trends and start planning.

Our Favorite 2020 Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen trends for 2020 are interesting for their diversity and apparent contradictions. There is no one direction to focus on. Instead, there are contrasting trends, competing for your attention.

When this range of options exists, it's an opportunity. You can express your own identity while still being on-trend. Your friends, family, and neighbors might go in a quite different direction and that's on-trend too.

So, explore the options. See what resonates with your sensibilities. Make a choice and go with it.

Make It Colorful

Color is making a new claim for your kitchen. Colorful accents or big areas of color are equally making a play for your attention.

Colorful appliances are an effective way to bring color into your kitchen. They can be very bold statements but perhaps the commitment is too much for you.

What if the trend is a short-lived one. You are stuck with very colorful and expensive to replace appliances. Paint a wall or the ceiling a strong color and you can change it later to a less colorful statement relatively cheaply.

Make It White

While color is on-trend, so is white. White is unlikely to be a decor faux pas because it's so forgiving. It works with natural materials and hi-tech alike.

White can be a great backdrop to a bold color experiment with splashbacks. It can equally show off more muted and subtle touches because it's not competing for attention.


Natural materials that exude quality are in. Marble is a classic example. Choose marble with strong veining and use it to provide a color theme for the rest of your kitchen.

Some strange materials have found their way into kitchens recently. Leather and brass have made a play for stardom and there might be more unconventional materials so come. It's easy to get it wrong with this type of approach but marble is never out of place.

A Full Larder

A larder or at least a stand-alone piece of furniture designed to store your essential dry-goods and jars of foodstuffs is making a joyful return. It can be a delightful piece of period furniture.

More than that, it's an opportunity to stock up on pickles, pulses, and pasta. You never know when you might need to rely on them.


There's something wonderful about knowing that part of your kitchen was handmade. There's so much excellent factory-made kitchen equipment and appliances that you might rarely appreciate the joy of hand-made things.

The uniqueness of handmade things is what makes them so enjoyable. When you spot an imperfection, it tells you that human creativity is alive and kicking. Consider hand-made floor tiles, a table, and chairs.

Reclaimed and Upcycled

The environment is a relevant consideration whenever you are improving your home. Feel better about your remodel and do some real good too by incorporating some reclaimed or upcycled terracotta tiles.

Dish racks are on-trend for 2020 but try to find an old one and incorporate it into your new kitchen design. It will have character and reduce CO2 emissions and possibly save a beautiful thing from the landfill site.


Wallpaper is seeing a resurgence of popularity in the kitchen. It's a quick and easy way to introduce color and pattern. Try wallpapering a feature wall rather than the whole kitchen.

Make sure you use a wallpaper that can stand up to the unique conditions of a kitchen. Moisture, changes in temperature and heavier than normal traffic can make a life for your wallpaper tough. Choose wisely.

Match Not

If you have a vision of your kitchen with matching fittings, themes, and coordination, think again. You can free yourself from those constraints. Matching isn't always a good thing.

It's okay to have non-matching metals throughout your kitchen. A chrome faucet, brass light fittings, and white knobs might be the new way of thinking.

If it doesn't work for you that's fine but try it out first. You might feel liberated.


Simplification is not the same as minimalism. Simplification is in and can be bold and forthright in a way that minimalism is not. It can be a way of focusing on a single design idea.

For example, if you wish to make a feature of the quality and character of the natural wood in your cabinets, don't make it compete for attention. Keep everything else simple. The wood will have the center stage and everything else will be the supporting actors.

Hide It

Stainless steel kitchen appliances can detract from your kitchen decor. In some contexts, they can look ugly. For 2020, hide the appliances behind cabinet doors.

A French country kitchen is a wonderful place to cook, eat and live. Its rustic charm can be undermined by modern chrome appliances. This style of kitchen benefits from discrete appliances hidden behind the cabinetry.

Look Up

How often do you look at your kitchen ceiling? Perhaps you hardly notice it. Making more of it is very much the thing to do in 2020.

Use bright colors or beadboards. Add eye-catching light fittings. You might raise your eyes more often.

Your 2020 Kitchen

The most exciting kitchen trend for 2020 is to follow your heart. Express yourself rather than following the crowd. Explore these 2020 kitchen design trends, be inspired, but, above all, make it your own.

Browse through a few more of our blog posts for more great home decor ideas.


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