Common Well Drilling Problems And What To Look Out For

April 23, 2020


Borehole or well drilling has become a common practice for people trying to fight the water shortages in their areas. It isn't hard to find a family that isn't frustrated with the inconsistent and suffocated water supply that they are getting against spending a hefty amount on those utility bills. People were open to alternatives and ideas that could help them with this problem, and there it was sitting in front of their faces. All they had to do was open a history book and see the conventional practices of people living in societies before them. If you are on of them and want to get rid of this problem more efficiently then we are sure ADP Group Ltd can be of great help here.

People and authorities on every level alike have been struggling with water shortages and have tried looking for solutions to sort it out. Countries with immense resources and ingenious teams of individuals have fortunately come up with some large scale solutions, but they still aren't enough to meet everyone's needs. Besides that, many individuals have also tried household solutions to this problem, which might help fulfill their needs. The more technical of these, such as solar-powered filters or rainwater harvesting requires some knowledge, and are somewhat unstable as they strongly rely upon nature to make it happen for them. Also, there are a bunch of eco-friendly methods too that people use to cut down on their water needs so that they can get the job done even with a little amount of water. They are energy-efficient and water-efficient and serve to minimize the water bills significantly. However, the most stable and reliable of all these is having a private water well in your backyard, your uninterrupted supply of potable, freshwater that you can use for all purposes.

But this is a job easier said than done, as people take it upon themselves to get on with the decision without consulting the right people and educating themselves to prepare for some situations. That generally results in unsatisfactory and unwelcomed outcomes, which might disappoint them from the idea altogether. It happens because you can't find the right team of professionals while considering cheap options or because there's a communication gap between you and the workers. That is why you need to be minimally aware of what you are signing up for to avoid any discrepancies. So here are primary details and problems that you should expect and look out while carrying a water well digging project.

  • Equipment

The most important details to get to know is to familiarize yourself with the equipment that the workers might be using. There are many things needed to drill a well like heavy-duty hydraulics, different drill bits, suction lines, shale shakers, mud pumps, sand pipes, rigs/containers, and similar other essentials, but you don't need to learn about all of them. Just the primary details will help you improve your communication with the professionals.

Get to know the difference in the drill bit, and see if they are using the best water well drilling bit to avoid any problems in the middle of the process. Since digging is mainly dependent on the drill bits, and hydraulics you use and how you operate them, knowing about them is crucial for the task. Also, remember that you are no expert, no matter how much you read, so don't feel shy about asking questions. Instead, ask as many questions as you can to understand the idea better and keep track of the progress. It will help you get over with it smoothly and efficiently.

  • Permission

Only someone who doesn't realize that we live in a civil society with a detailed set of rules would think that they can get on with this process without checking with the local authorities. Digging a water well can affect the supply of the area if it's also the source used to provide for other families. That means that if you dig a water well, you will be disrupting the supply of the entire area.

Besides this, there are water sampling tests and necessary filters that you need to install before you start using that water. It is why you have to send the water samples to labs for testing purposes, and make sure that water reserve is safe to use. So make sure that you arrange for these checks to avoid delays.

  • Geology

Digging a well is strongly dependent on the geology and terrain where the workers will be operating. It helps them devise a strategy that they will use to complete your job. Besides that, it also helps them to judge the depth of the water in your area, based on which they can issue a reasonable estimate of expenses that you need to arrange to carry on with the process.

Also, by examining the terrain, they can get a good idea of the more probable problems that they might encounter while performing the task. Some areas are trickier to handle, and the workers might have to face a pipe sticking or loss of circulation problems if they don't set the hydraulics accordingly for appropriate functioning. Another common problem is the hole deviation, caused due to the formation and dip angle while drilling. It's better to have a rough understanding of all these cases, so you know what's causing a delay if you face it.

  • Technical issues

Besides all these aspects, there are some technical difficulties that you also need to take into account while managing a water well project. These include things like pipe failures caused by the rough use, mud contamination from the invasion of foreign materials, and formation damage when fluids cause rock plugging while drilling. All these are issues that you can overcome by exercising caution and taking measures to avoid facing this problem. Ask the professionals about their strategies to handle these situations to get a better idea.


These were the surface-level details of some of the standard well drilling problems that you might come across while carrying out the process. You can choose to research more on the subject to understand. In case you have hired the right people for this job, you won't need to flex your knowledge. But it's always better to prepare for the worst.

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One comment on “Common Well Drilling Problems And What To Look Out For”

  1. You made a good point that a prior survey of the terrain can be very beneficial in figuring out the specifics of drilling a well. I'm planning to get a well drilled in my property to serve as a source of irrigation the vegetable that I cultivate in my backyard. I'm hoping the well could also double as a backup water supply for my house if water utilities are interrupted somehow.

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