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How to Choose Clear Safety Glasses – Eye Protection

Around the world, a lot of people experience eye injuries from work or sports. There are lots of workers that are required to wear protective gear before they can do their tasks such as welders, carpenters, plumbers, and laborers.

Most of their activities can require side shields, full face protection, and clear safety glasses that are appropriate for their positions. These gears are not the regular ones that can be bought from anywhere. The clothing and the face protection must pass the rigorous tests set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration before they can be considered reasonable.


Tips in Choosing Eye Protection

When it comes to eyewear, the good news is that there are lots of goggles available in the market, and they are very affordable. But when it comes to choosing one, a worker might get overwhelmed with lots of options and features that they don’t know where to start.

If you are one of the laborers who is looking for safety glasses that can protect your eyes from sparks or sharp objects, then here are some tips for you.


Clear Glasses are Great Options

Most of the clear glasses enable you to see what you are doing without fogging. There are technologies such as anti-fogging system and several features that will make your work easier. You can also protect yourself from dust particles if the padding is lined perfectly on your eyes. Some have breathable vents that can prevent your eye protector from steaming up for an extended period. If you are working in a hot and humid environment, you can continue to have a clear vision and become comfortable when you have clear glasses.


High-Impact Resistance

Some goggles can resist high-impacts from different objects. They are ideal if you are working on a construction field. Most of the high-impact features come from the fact that the glasses were able to pass stringent military inspections. Most of these kinds aim to protect your eyes from dangerous flying shrapnel. Most of them have ultraviolet rays coating that can make your eyes adjust to sunlight better. Read more about ultraviolet lights when you click this link here.


Sleek Design

Glasses should not be boring. There are stylish and elegant designs available out there. There is even eyewear that was sports-inspired. Note that even if they were made stylishly, they were still able to pass safety standards and durability tests. Most of them can always keep your vision clear even after a whole day’s use. The coating that protects you from ultraviolet rays can last long even after cleaning the lenses repeatedly.


ANSI Standards for Clear Glasses and Eyewear

Note that the American National Standards Institute has a set of rules that needs to be followed when it comes to protective equipment. For eyewear and goggles, here are several things that you need to know.

  • When it comes to testing basic impact, each lens is tested separately. Most of them were not mounted on the frames at the time of testing. For other classifications of higher-level impacts, both the lenses and frames are tested together.
  • Most of the prescription lenses are thicker than the non-prescription ones. Although the thinner ones are allowed if they happen to meet the tests. Previously, only those lenses which have thicknesses of 3 mm are allowed, but rules are changing to meet the needs of different people.
  • Most of the lenses are classified into two based in their performances: High-impact and basic impact.
  • -Drop balls are the most common form of tests to determine the kind of impact a lens has. Generally, the tester drops a steel ball from a height of 50 inches. To pass this, the glass should not break, chip, or crack. Only statistical samples are tested.
  • Most of the high-impact tests are performed by shooting a quarter-inch diameter ball that is made of steel. The speed is a high velocity of 150 feet per second. To determine whether the lens has passed the test, it should not break, crack, or chip. It should not also be dislodged from its frames.


OSHA Standards and Your Employer

The standards set by OSHA clearly state that your employer should follow their requirements, and they can be liable in case you might experience injuries or accidents while at work. Most of the requirements will protect you from environmental, chemical, mechanical, and radiological hazards. Read more about hazards in the workplace here: This is why each safety glasses should be inspected carefully before your employer lets you wear them.

If you are purchasing your safety glasses yourself, you can consult with your employer or safety officer if they can allow these types of protective gear. Generally, the more features the lenses have, the more that your employer will agree to them.

Another thing to remember is to buy only from legitimate manufacturers of eyeglasses. You can tell them about prescription ones or the Plano ones. Remember that your eyesight is precious, and it’s very much worth it to invest in safety glasses.


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