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How to Get Rid of Termites: 5 Key Steps When Dealing With Termites

Are you trying to get rid of termites but can’t seem to get them to go away? Read this article to learn how to get rid of termites.

They’re the bane of any homeowner’s existence: termites. Their presence can be devastating if left untreated. Still, there are a few methods for getting rid of these pesky little buggers yourself before calling the professionals.

Here are 5 key steps for how to get rid of termites on your own.

  1. Discover the Warning Signs

First things first, you need to identify the warning signs of a termite infestation so you can assess how serious it is.

If your floors have started to droop, hollow foundations, or holes in your home’s woodwork could all mean termites–and a serious infestation at that.

Check your basement crawl spaces and foundation beams. Tap around with a flashlight and screwdriver to listen for hollow sounds or holes.

If the wood gives to pressure or falls apart, termites are a likely cause. You can even look out for termite waste. They tend to look like little bits of darkened wood pellets. 

  1. Try A Cardboard Trap

A cardboard trap will not entirely eliminate your termite colony if the infestation has progressed. However, it’s a quick, and effective method for drawing termites out of your home or infested location.

Termites feed on the cellulose in wood, especially like that found in cardboard.

Simply wet several pieces of cardboard and stick them outside the infestation. You will soon see the pieces covered with termites. 

Once the cardboard is thoroughly infested, burn it. You may need to repeat this method a few times to draw enough termites out. If you find the infestation persists, Pegasus Pest Control or other professionals can consult with you to decide if further action is necessary.

  1. Try Boric Acid

One of the more common methods for getting rid of termites is by using a boric acid spray. Using bate stations, you can coat a piece of wood with the boric acid spray and leave it out for the termites to discover.

Either leave the bait near the infestation or nearby where termites can find it. 

You will want to check the bait regularly to add more boric acid and to see if termite bodies are left nearby. This will indicate that they are taking the bait and the boric acid is working to destroy the colony.

  1. Release Beneficial Nematodes

This sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but beneficial nematodes are a real thing. And, they may be one of your best methods for getting rid of termites on your own.

These small, unsegmented worms are parasites to several garden pests, the termite in particular. When released near your termite infestation, beneficial nematodes search out a host. One of their favorites being termite larvae.

These great little helpers burrow into the larvae and within 48 hours, the termites are dead.

Beneficial nematodes can be found at just about any garden or home improvement store. Just make sure to use them right after buying, or store them in a refrigerator according to the package instructions.

  1. Call a Pro

The unfortunate truth is, termite infestations are serious and threatening. Your home is likely your biggest asset and an infestation could completely destroy it. 

If you’ve tried one or more of these methods and can’t get rid of them, it’s time to call professionals.

How to Get Rid of Termites Today

Knowing how to get rid of termites yourself can save you time and money. Still, an infestation is serious business and if you want to be sure your home is safe immediately, it’s wise to enlist professional help.

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  1. Wow, a cardboard trap, that’s awesome, I would have never imagined that. Thanks for posting a helpful article like this, termites can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked.


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