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How to Hire a Professional Exterminator: The Complete Guide

How to Hire a Professional Exterminator: The Complete Guide

There are certain things you should know and do when it comes to hiring a professional exterminator. You can check out our guide here to learn more.

According to the National Pest Management Association, pests like termites create over $5 billion of damage to U.S properties every year.

And termites aren’t the only culprits. Spiders, rodents, and cockroaches can also wreak havoc on our homes unless we call in the professionals.

Sounds familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to find the best professional exterminator for the job.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Exterminator 

There are many advantages to hiring the best pest control services. Some of them being:


Guaranteed Pest-Free Home

The top pest control companies offer quality services so your uninvited guests never return. They’ll make the right decisions, have a robust skill set, and equipment to eliminate all pests from your home. Far more effective than trying it yourself!


Safe Products

Professional exterminating technicians are equipped with the right products to make the job easier. Their products are safe to use around humans, pets, and the environment. If you aren’t knowledgeable in this area, you could cause more harm than good.


Saves Time

The best exterminator will tackle your pest control problem in the shortest amount of time. They will also educate you on how to prevent a pest infestation and give you a step-by-step explanation about how they’ll treat your home.


Tips for Hiring a Professional Exterminator 

Before you hire a professional pest control company, you should consider the following:


Ask For Recommendations

To get the best exterminator for the job, ask friends and family for recommendations. This is a fantastic way to get firsthand information about the exterminators in your area, their methods, and prices.

Contact your state pest control association or visit the National Pest Management Association’s website for a reliable list of providers in your area.

You should also check online reviews as it shows the exterminator stands by their work and is a trustworthy, reputable technician.

If you have any exotic pest infestations, check out the helpful post.


Ask to See Their Certification 

Every exterminator must have the relevant licenses, registration, certificates, and insurance to protect your home.

Having the required documentation proves they know the best solution for whichever pests are present. Certifications make it easy to follow-up if they don’t do a good job which would be impossible if you hire a company that has zero qualifications.


Compare Costs

Create a list of at least four exterminators and compare prices, otherwise, you may overpay for their service.

Avoid choosing the cheapest company as they’ll most likely end up doing a terrible job. This will force you to hire another exterminator which would add to the overall cost.

The technician’s uniform and appearance should be pristine and professional. Everything from their truck to their equipment should give you a feeling of security.


Get Them to Inspect Your Home

Exterminators may charge a fee to evaluate your site, and give you a written diagnosis of the problem and which type of pest is behind it.

The inspection can last 30 minutes but may take longer depending on the size of your property like crawl spaces, basements or attics.

An exterminator will check for any signs of infestation, damage, or areas that could attract pests. For instance, gnawed wiring, damaged wood, and animal droppings are telltale signs of unwanted visitors.

Once the exterminator has conducted a thorough examination, they’ll be able to draw up a treatment and payment plan. Exterminators have a wealth of knowledge but if they don’t know something off-hand, they should be honest and say they’ll find out and let you know.

If any answers sound made-up, that’s a major red flag.


Their Pest Control Treatments

The exterminator must use modern eco-friendly treatments that kill pests while being safe for people and a majority of pets. If you have exotic animals like birds or reptiles, ask whether any particular treatments will put them at risk.

Exterminators must breakdown the treatment so you know what type of pesticide will be used, how many times it’ll be used (for larger infestations), and the cost of the treatment plan.

Reputable exterminators must be transparent about the chemicals they’ll use. Each chemical should be labeled and have a clean, professional appearance.

If you’re unsure, ask the technician for a Material Safety Data Sheet and a specimen label for each chemical to be reassured about their level of expertise.


Review the Contract

Every exterminator should present details about the pest problem like why they’ve chosen the treatment and the application technique. The contract must include their company’s name, the service’s duration, the treatment plan, price, and guarantee.

Before signing the dotted line, check the backside for details they may have excluded. For instance, if you cancel the contract, will there be a penalty?

You should also look out for their liability insurance and whether they’ll redo the work in case it fails. Insurance is crucial, because if something goes wrong in the process, then the insurance will cover it.

Once you’ve sealed the deal, stay in touch with the exterminator to ensure you’re getting the agreed service or if there are any recent changes in pest populations.


That’s How You Hire a Professional Exterminator 

As soon as you notice an infestation, you must consult with a professional exterminator.

You can find a reputable one through recommendations and online reviews. It’s essential they have up-to-date licenses and certifications to prove they’re knowledgeable.

Compare several exterminators so you get a fair price, have the best treatment plan, and have a good contract.

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