How to Prevent Flooding: 5 Property-Saving Tips for Your Home

April 19, 2020

Are you trying to figure out how to prevent flooding to protect your home? Read this article to learn more about property-saving tips for your home.

Flooding can cause costly damage to your home. If you are afraid that flooding will negatively impact your home the best thing you can do is take action.

You may not know how to prevent flooding so you may be wondering exactly what type of action you should take. There are many things you can do while the flood is taking place or before it happens in order to prevent damage to your home.

Here is a look at some best practices for preventing flooding in your home.

  1. What to Do When Flooding Has Started

If you are home while flooding is imminent you can begin to clear all your gutters, drains and downspouts. Getting these cleared out immediately will stem the tide of the water.

Raise your furniture off the ground. You may also want to remove furniture from downstairs and put them upstairs. Turn off all electricity at the breaker panel box.

  1. Make Sure That Water is Flowing Correctly

The sloping that you have outside of your home is very important. You want to make sure that the water flows away from your home at all times.

Do some reconstruction if necessary and change the shape of your lawn to ensure that water is always flowing away from the home and is not settling around the sides.

  1. How to Prevent Flooding with Stilts

If flooding remains a constant problem then it may mean that your home is too low. Just an inch of water around your home is enough to cause major damage. One thing you can do is to raise your home on stilts.

This can be expensive to do once your home is already built. However, it is well worth it because you will never have to worry about water levels rising. Considering how much flood insurance costs this is a good investment.

  1. Coatings and Sealants

A less expensive option than stilts is to use coating and sealants. Often when there is a flood it means that water has seeped in through cracks. Once you coat and seal these cracks you will find that water is kept away from your home.

You can apply sealant just about anywhere inside or outside your home where you see a crack. Feel free to apply it in your living room, kitchen and even your basement to name a few places in the home.

No More Flooding

Knowing how to prevent flooding can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. However, you must be proactive in your approach. If you aren't then you may well find yourself dealing with flood damage. So, to avoid flood damage in the next time, you should install flood water barriers.

Now that you know what to do before a flood happens and during one, you are ready to start protecting your home from a potential disaster.

It is often a few changes that will prevent flood damage. Remember to always be alert during a flood so you can take action to protect yourself and your belongings.

If you would like more tips on home and garden, please check out the architecture section of the blog.

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