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Installing Floodlights: The Only DIY Guide You Need

Floodlights are beneficial to your home and business. If you’re installing floodlights, click here to read the best DIY guide.

More than 7 million property crimes occurred in the United States in 2018. Property crimes include burglaries, theft, and motor vehicle theft. 

If you want to protect your family and home or business, you may want to consider getting floodlights to help deter intruders. 

Continue reading to discover the steps to installing floodlights at your home and business! 

  1. Flip the Power Switch

The very first thing you must do when installing floodlights is to flip off the power switch.

Cutting off the electricity is crucial if you want to avoid electrocution. Go to the circuit breaker in your home or business and ensure that all of the outdoor power is off. You can double-check that this is done by using a voltage tester on the wires. 

  1. Get Rid of the Old

Now that you have ensured that the garage/ outdoor power is turned off, you can get rid of your old lights.

Most people replace old light fixtures with floodlights to save time and energy. Start by taking out the old light bulbs. Afterward, you can begin unscrewing the fixture to take it off of the wall.

Grab your voltage tester and test out the wires connecting to the old fixture. As long as there is no energy, you can disconnect the wires and fully remove the old fixture. 

  1. Install the New

All of the pieces to the old fixture should be removed and you can begin installing your new floodlights.

Whether you are installing floodlights or LED stadium lights, you must follow the directions that come with the fixture. Not all products are alike and you should look at the directions to make sure that it is properly installed. 

Typically, to install floodlights, you will match the new light fixture to the open location and connect the wires. Connect the home’s wires with your fixture by color by using wire connectors and electrical tape. 

After all of the wires are matched and connected, you can finish installing the fixture by securing it to the wall. 

  1. Cover Your Tracks

While installing the new fixture, you will have to install a junction box for the floodlights.

You can use caulk to seal the area around the junction box. By covering up these gaps, along with others around the light fixtures, you can protect wiring from rain and snow. Make sure that there are no loose wires and that everything is where it belongs. 

  1. Test It out

After the steps above are complete, you can go back to your circuit breaker and turn on the outdoor power. 

Once the power is turned back on, you can go outside and test out your new lights. If your lights do not turn on, you may have to retrace your steps or seek professional help. Make sure you turn the power off again before trying to fix it. 

Installing Floodlights the Easy Way

Are you looking to protect or enhance your home or business by installing outdoor lights?

Installing floodlights is one of the best solutions and isn’t that hard to do. By utilizing this guide, you can follow the steps and get the job done in a timely matter. Always be sure that you turn off the electricity when working and let someone know what you are about to do. 

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