Master Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

April 3, 2020

Regardless of the size of your master bedroom, with casual or formal decoration, new trends, or classics, your master bedroom should remain a favorite space in your home. Unlike other bedrooms, the master bedroom is more than a place to lay your head and rest. It should provide a safe space to dream, reflect, and experience some peace.

For those well versed with interior design, the master bedroom reflects an individual’s taste and personal interest. From color schemes, furniture sets, lighting schemes to accent walls, below are some interesting master bedroom design ideas you should consider.


1. Improve Bedroom Mood with Lighting

The majority of homeowners think that lighting is a trick that suits bathrooms and kitchens only. Bedroom lights are often ignored with a simple dismissal switch-controlled ceiling light or an improved lamp placed on a nightstand. However, the best way to change your bedroom mood is by finding alternative light sources for your bedroom.

You can start by trying a ceiling light, have the old shade, or an eye-catching shade. You can as well advance and grace your bedroom with a chandelier. You can also consider rewiring the wall behind your master bed to have space-saving sconces, which are best for reading while relaxing at the bed. Contemporary bedrooms appear fantastic with retro track lighting as well. They are flexible, allowing homeowners to slide the lights fixtures to any position in the track or swivel them to different positions.


2. Improve Personality with Character Touches

As mentioned before, your master bedroom should have some character. Even though well-themed bedrooms are for children, installing a nuanced personality in your bedroom is not only impressive but also turns the basic sleeping space into a destination. An easy way to create a tropical bedroom is by having a canopy bed with a well matching mattress, installing bamboo window shades, and a good-looking ceiling fan.

For a more sophisticated look, extras such as plants and pillow accents can come to play. You can as well try other bedroom styles, including the Tuscan, Hollywood, Contemporary, Regency, and the Shabby Chic. Fortunately, bedroom installations are cheap and easy to install, unlike bathrooms and kitchens with pricey materials.


3. Enhance Comfort with Flooring Designs

Your master bedroom flooring should communicate safety, warmth, and coziness in a big way. Opting for hard flooring options, such as vinyl planks, are best for areas with high humidity and moisture. Soft floors, such as wall-to-wall carpets or rugs, are friendly for those who like walking bare feet.

For additional comfort, you can install engineered wood flooring, which is a hybrid of stable plywood and hardwood veneer, with underneath feet-soothing heat coils. The best flooring options for master bedrooms that add both warmth and comfort include wall-to-wall carpets, laminate flooring with rugs, and cork flooring.


4. Improve Bedroom Color with Paint Scheme

Experts in interior design attest to the fact that color trends will work magic, not only for bedrooms but also for other rooms in your home. As a homeowner, it can be frustrating to follow color trends, especially if they don’t include your favorite colors. If you recently purchased a home or living in a house that you don’t intend to sell, play some tricks with your master bedroom interior colors.

Generally, if you don’t fancy color trends, go for darker and more relaxing colors for a large master bedroom. For small bedrooms, have space-making light color schemes with grays or neutrals. You can opt for dark sleep-inducing schemes or light and soothing designs.

However, if you are redesigning a house for an upcoming sale, check out for the latest color trends that suit master bedrooms. Most options are easy and low costing but increase the final resale value.


5. Have a Seating Area

Including a seating area is a good master bedroom interior design idea that applies equally to large bedrooms and studio apartments. For this, select a loveseat at the end of the bed or have a comfortable armchair paired with a small table at any position. You can use the seating area for relaxing, reading, chatting, or working on anything that requires the peace and ambiance of your bedroom. As you find a perfect chair and table combination, mind your color choice, ensuring that it pairs with the interior color scheme of your bedroom.

Since the master bedroom is the most important part of your home, you should make it look so. The décor and overall interior design should bring forth a place that you long to walk into at night after a stressful day and awaken in the morning with great energy. A perfect blend of various color schemes, bedroom furniture sets, lighting schemes, and accent walls are the basic makeover designs.


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