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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Asphalt Maintenance Regularly

We see it everywhere and every day. It is on the road, it is on the pavement, we walk on it, we sweep it, it’s part of our driveways, our kids ride their bicycles on it and it even helps us get to work on time. Can you guess what we are talking about? That’s correct- Asphalt.

This genius component is possibly the most under-rated elements around us, while the irony is it is used in almost 70% of the environment around us.

The chief use of this material asphalt is on roads and construction thereof. The material is used as a type of binder, similar to glue. The mixing of other cumulative particles with this material produces the final concrete element that is used to lay on top of roads and even repair them. Because it is durable and waterproof it can also be used elsewhere on things such as roofs of buildings.

As you can imagine, due to the expanse of usage and usefulness of this component, the reason to maintain it is right on top of the priority list. There are so many unfortunate things that can happen if not correctly replaced or regularly maintained. But why would you need to maintain regularly? We are here to answer this question.

Due to a number of reasons that you cost you like:

A Cheap Job – It is always important to hire a reputable and experienced asphalt maintenance contractor. Not all professionals in this field are created the same and sometimes you can find they do not do such a good job and the surface work is a temporary fix, which wears out after just a few months. There could be many reasons for this like perhaps they did not mix the materials in equal proportions or the temperature may not be correct. So, because of this unsuitable fixing its life span is minimal and it starts to chip away slowly, only to be left with a huge hole in the middle of the pathway and thus would need to be replaced. If properly done, the maintenance is quicker and easier.

Stagnant Water – Standing water allows the surface of the pavement to slowly weaken and cause damage. That’s why sometimes you find puddles of water around parks and roads, where the level is not even or the surface has weakened and is slumping downwards. If you ever do notice this, its best to call a professional to sort it out as soon as possible before it seeps right through and makes it worse.

Heavy Weight – Of course, you cannot avoid heavy trucks and cars from using the roads (unless it is freshly layered), and this is a common reason as to why roads start to worsen and need to be regularly maintained. As a result, roads tend to take a ‘dip’ and sometimes you find tire tracks on the roads. Not only making sure that the pavement has been fully dried and are good to use, but also avoiding heavy loads like tractors or machinery to use main roads that do not have a tolerable thickness to them, can help keep them in working order. This has been an ongoing issue with lots of states and cities. Read more about this here.

Nature – A common issue some asphalt contractors face is their love-hate relationship with nature. Tree roots in particular can be a cumbersome task for them if planted near pavements and roads. But this is unavoidable and needs to be addressed appropriately. Tree roots can be very strong, and can cause damage to roads and pavements by breaking through the layers and causing cracks and uneven surfaces, also known as ‘root heaves’ that constantly need to be fixed

Poor road conditions have been known to be one of the many causes of road accidents, either between vehicles or pedestrians and no one wants a lawsuit on their hands. If it is a matter of small cracks that need to be filled or bigger potholes and layers uplifting that need attention. The best action to take is the soonest one, to avoid further damage to the roads and also to the people using them. 

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