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Temporarily Relocating to Boston for Work? – 5 Invaluable Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition


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Have you recently gotten notice from your employer that you will be temporarily located to Boston for work? For many people, the idea of being relocated can seem exciting, fun, and of course, a little scary to take in, especially if the news is unexpected. Moving to a new city is always bound to have its share of challenges, and because it is work-related, you won’t have the luxury of taking time to settle in and relax before you get to work.

Before you get yourself too caught up in the stress and your ever-growing “to-do” list, there are some tips and advice you can make use of that can ensure a smooth transition even in a big bustling city like Boston. Let’s take a closer look.

Take Some Time to Research Boston before Arriving

From the moment you learn you are being relocated to Boston, this should act as the indicator that it’s time to do some research. Learning about the city, the different neighborhoods, its public transit system, dining and entertainment scene, and so forth will help you to feel more in control of the situation. You’ll feel like you are better prepared and know what to expect.

Taking a look at the city’s tourism website, speaking to any friends or family who may have lived in Boston or are living there now, and even to co-workers at your new branch location in the city can all be extremely helpful.

Additionally, all of this pre-research will surely get you more excited about your new home. From weekend getaway ideas to envisioning the vibe in your new neighborhood.

Look into Furnished Apartments in Boston

One of the biggest, if not the absolute most stressful challenges of the whole process will be finding a place to live. Hotel accommodation for months, even a year or more, isn’t going to be ideal as you’ll start to go stir crazy within the first few weeks. You won’t have enough space or amenities to make you feel comfortable. You’ll likely soon discover not having a kitchen to whip up a meal, or having to pay a hefty laundry bill, both get old quickly.

Instead, it can be a great idea to look into furnished apartments in Boston that cater to business and corporate travelers such as yourself. These apartments from Blueground, for example, are geared towards people that are staying for one month or more, offering turnkey accommodations in some of the most sought-after areas of the city. What this means is that you will arrive and instantly be able to settle in and throw yourself into your new role at work.

The décor and furnishings are modern, so that means all you’ll need to pack is your clothing and toiletries. It will truly feel like a home away from home with enough space to settle in and relax. They are even equipped with your own kitchen so you can enjoy some home-cooked meals whenever the urge strikes. All utilities including WiFi are handled by Blueground so you won’t need to set up billing with the local water, electricity and telecom providers.

Plan Out Your Work Commute and Route in Advance

Once you’ve picked out your accommodations, it’s time to give thought to your work commute and route. You don’t want to wait until the first morning of work to try to figure things out and end up arriving late. In fact, it’s a good idea to arrive a few days to a week ahead of your first day so you can do a few practice runs. 

Just be sure your practice run to the office is at the same time you’d actually be leaving the house, and on a weekday. This will give you the most accurate picture on what you can expect for your first day. Boston offers a number of public transportation options which include the subway, bus, water taxis, commuter rail, and ferries, so you have no shortage of options if you don’t have a car. There are also ride-sharing services in the city.

Make Sure You Have All the Tech Needed to Stay in Touch

Even though you may have picked the perfect accommodations in the perfect location, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel homesick here and there. That’s exactly why you want to be sure you’ve got the necessary tech to stay in touch. Video calls and instant messaging can make it feel like you aren’t far from your family and friends back home, and really help you through the settling in period.

Go Ahead and Play the Role of Tourist

While much of your day will be spent working in the office, you will still have downtime to enjoy in Boston. Those off-hours are the perfect time to play the role of tourist and get to know your new temporary home. It’s a great way to make the relocation a truly positive experience.

Some of the top local attractions include such things as the many galleries and museums in the city, or you could sign up for walking or bus tours through the city, visit the incredibly popular farmers markets, catch a theater production, and really dive into the dining scene – which is known for its incredible variety. 

Each of these tips will ensure that your temporary relocation to Boston is a smooth and positive experience.


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