The Importance of Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean Throughout The Year

April 8, 2020

Deck chair and swimming pool with reflection of palm trees at the resort.

Having a swimming pool at home can be very functional and brings your yard to a whole new level. Swimming regularly can also help you lead a healthier and better lifestyle in the long run. At the same time, it can also serve as entertainment when you throw barbeque nights or pool parties. However, with great benefits come great responsibilities, and you need to keep your pool well-maintained. Here are some reasons why it’s important to keep your swimming pool clean throughout the year.


  1. Prevent Growth of Algae

Water that is left in swimming pools for a long time will lead to the growth of algae. Once you start seeing some green pigments in your pool. That’s already algae. And when you start swimming in a pool that has algae, it will be bad for your health.

There are many products that you can use to either remove or even prevent algae from forming in the first place. However, if you don’t want to do the cleaning, you can always hire a pool cleaning service provider to make sure that your pool is clean.


  1. Increases Longevity of Pool and Pool Equipment

Such as any asset, your pool also has its own useful lifespan. By regularly cleaning your pool and doing regular maintenance, you can prolong the life of your swimming pool. Your pool equipment and machinery may break down due to a leak or large debris getting caught up in the motor. By cleaning or using a swimming pool safety cover, you can prevent large debris from entering your pool equipment and machinery.

Whenever you do regular cleaning, you also get to check your equipment before the problems become beyond repair. Before it’s too late, you’ll be able to make the necessary repairs if you regularly clean your pool. This is also why you need to keep your pool clean throughout the year.


  1. Avoid Risking Your Health and Wellbeing

When you don’t clean your pool regularly, dust and molds will start building up in the pool. Moreover, the pool can also be a site where mosquitoes with dengue can lay their eggs. If dengue mosquitoes multiply in your home, that might lead to one of your family members getting dengue. Dengue is very harmful and can possibly be fatal since it attacks your organs.

In addition to that, when you don’t clean your pool, it will also cause the water to have the wrong pH. Swimming in water with the wrong pH will be hazardous to your health. An unbalanced pH in the water will cause your eyes to become sore if your eyes are open underwater for a bit while. The recommendation is to keep a neutral pH balance in the water to be safe, which is around a 7.4pH level.

Bacteria build-up in the water might also result in some skin diseases and respiratory complications. It might lead to rashes, wound infections, eye infections, or lung problems. So, it’s best that you keep your pool very clean.


  1. Prevent Clogging of Drains

Pools that aren’t cleaned regularly tend to accumulate all sorts of dirt, dust, and particles. Most pools have a filter for these things. But, even though you have a filter, you still need to do regular cleaning because the dirt, dust, and other particles that build up will eventually cause your drains and motors to clog. Once your drains and motors are clogged, it will cost you a lot to repair. Regularly cleaning your pool will prevent this from happening.


  1. Better Aesthetics

No one wants to see a dirty pool or much more swim in it. If you have guests over and they see dirt in your pool, no one will be swimming anymore. Moreover, it also ruins the overall appearance and aesthetics of your house if your pool is dirty.

Happy attractive young friends in sunglasses are having fun in swimming pool on an inflatable mattress and smiling while making selfie.

There are also times when your pool liners might get stained. This usually happens when swimmers leave residues of oil, soap, sunscreen, suntan lotion, or hair gel in the pool. The residue will build up on the walls and leave markings. Regular cleaning will prevent stains from staying in the linings of your pool walls.




Your pool can offer so many benefits for you from relaxation, recreation and exercise. To be able to do all this, you need to be able to keep your pool clean. I hope the reasons above were enough to let you see the importance of cleaning your pool and convince you to clean your pool regularly. This will not only benefit yourself, but it will also do good for your family’s health and well-being.



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