What to Do on a Staycation: The Ultimate Planning Guide

April 9, 2020

Are you trying to figure out what to do on a staycation? If yes, you should check out our guide right here for some great ideas.

So, the pandemic ruined your vacation plans. What now?

It's time to plan a staycation!

Planning a staycation can be exciting to think about, but what to do on a staycation is the real question. You may feel that you have already seen everything that your city has to offer, however, a staycation can open your eyes to a whole new side of the city that you have never seen before.

We are going to provide you with all of the tools and information that you need to plan the best staycation that you could possibly plan.

Plan, Plan, and Schedule 

You need to approach the planning of your staycation the same way you would approach planning your vacation. You wouldn't hop on a plane to another location and not have any plans when you get there.

Ensure that you mark your calendar for the staycation and make a list of the things that you need to do before the staycation begins. After setting a date for your upcoming staycation, try not to commit to other things during the dates that you have marked.

After the date has been set aside, begin researching activities that you can do while you are inside. Some ideas might include cooking up a new dish or creating your own art gallery.

Book the "Hotel"

Instead of booking a hotel, which would be difficult during this time, try creating a hotel atmosphere within your home. Set your room up so it resembles a hotel room and offers you the maximum amount of relaxation possible.

Elevate your room experience by adding incense and candles to create an atmosphere worthy of a staycation. Just because you can't physically stay in a hotel doesn't mean you can't pretend!

Become a Tourist in Your City

Just because you're not able to be out and about right now doesn't mean you can't visit different places in your city. You can still do these virtually - all you need is a laptop, television, or a cell phone.

Most places offer sections on their websites where you can take a virtual tour of their facilities before you visit. If all of your electronics fail, you can use your imagination and take a relaxing trip to a place you've always wanted to go in your mind.

You may find that it helps you reach another level of relaxation during this staycation.

What to Do on a Staycation: Don't Drive

We are being told to stay inside our homes during this coronavirus pandemic. So since you can't drive to different locations, try visiting different rooms in your home.

Treat yourself like a celebrity in a new place and spend time vacationing in each room. To make it feel more authentic, try having a different theme for each room to help your celebrity lifestyle come alive.

Take Time to Relax

Staycations are the best time to make sure you get in some quality time for yourself. Take the time to participate in some self-care which can include:

  • Lounging by the pool
  • Getting a massage from your partner
  • Sleeping in late
  • Giving yourself a facial
  • Enjoying a latte while reading your favorite book
  • Enjoy a glass or two or three of wine

Treating yourself means doing things that you usually don't get to do. And for some people, that could mean finishing a cup of coffee before you have to head to work. Or it could mean sleeping without an alarm clock reminding you that you have responsibilities.

This could even mean finding the inspiration you need to view houses on the current home market that you are interested in. Focus on you and taking time for yourself while we are all spending time indoors.

Disconnect from the World

In today's world, everyone is connected to technology in some way. Whether that means using social media, sending a text message, answering a facetime call, or sending an email. We all use technology to communicate with the outside world.

When you are on your staycation, take time to completely go off the grid. When you spend so much time with your head in a phone, you forget to live and take in the beauty of things that are around you.

Make an effort to be invested in the moment and appreciate the time you're spending by yourself or with your loved ones.

Accomplish Something on Your Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? While you're disconnected from the world and spending time with yourself, take the time to accomplish something that you have put on your bucket list.

This could mean taking a YouTube cycling class that you have always wanted to take, or trying a different hair color that you usually wouldn't think of trying. Perhaps you want to start a novel but have never had the time to do it. Now is the time to try all of these things (or at least a few of them!)

There's no time like the present time to do or start something that you've always wanted to try.

Staycation Ready

Now, you have all the information you need to plan the best staycation possible. So, the only thing left for you to do is to start planning and go on your staycation.

Take this time to relax and do things that you've always wanted to do before you return to work. A staycation will help you reset from the stresses of everyday life.

For more helpful tips, be sure to keep reading our blog!


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