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When You Need Test and Tag for Appliances?

When you go to different electronic stores to buy an electronic appliance or gadget, you will find a tag attached on the rear or the bottom of the product. This tag states that the product has been successfully tested and it will also state the name of the tester, the date when it was tested and the next due date to test it once again. When you talk about test and tag, it basically refers to the entire process of checking or testing the level of safety of various portable electrical gadgets or appliances.

The process of test and tag involves two primary parts. First of all, the tester will visually inspect the product in question. Secondly, he will electrically test it with the help of a Portable Appliance Tester. Once the entire process of test and tag is complete, a tag will be placed on the item that will state the above-mentioned information.

Frequency of Testing Appliances

The frequencies of test and tag is dependent upon the type of environment an appliance that needs to be tested is used in. at times, this may also depend upon the individual risk assessments at different workplaces. Normally, it is the duty of company owners to get their various appliances tested and tagged effectively at a regular interval of every few months. This will ensure that proper working environment is maintained.

If it is the demolition or construction industry, it is important for them to test and tag their equipment and appliances every 3 months. This is mainly because their equipment is used on a daily basis and usually in pretty harsh conditions.

If it is the warehouse, factories or production industry, it is important for them to test and tag their equipment and machineries every 6 months. They also use their machines every day and some of these machines work round the clock. Testing and tagging them on a regular basis will ensure that the workers are able to work safely.

There are also hostile environments where appliances may be exposed to moisture, physical abuse, corrosion, and dust. You will also come across several industries where their equipment is overused. They also need to test and tag their machines and equipment at least once every year.

Type of Equipment That Needs to Be Tested and Tagged

When it comes too testing and tagging equipment, it is important for you to have some idea about the type of equipment and appliances that need to be tested. To keep it simple, any device that comes with a flexible cable, as well as, a removable plug and does not consume low voltage should be periodically tested. This also includes extension boards, portable RCDs, and cord sets.

Electrical appliances are classified as Class I and Class II. Under the Class I category, all the earthed appliances are included, such as irons, toasters, and kettles. Under Class II category, all the double insulated appliances are included, such as hair dryers, and electrical drills. These appliances are normally identified with a symbol.

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