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Why Does My Toilet Keep Blocking Up?

The toilet is one of the most useful fixtures in various homes, and a clogged one can frustrate the home dwellers. Understanding how your Toilet works and why it blocks will help you prevent future clogging. Does it seem you always plunge your toilet once a week? There are several remedies to such a problem.

To be free from toilet blockage, keep an eye out for these toilet clogging agents.

Blocked plumbing vent

The toilet vent outside your roof enables effective and swift flushing. If the vent gets blocked maybe from birds nesting or similar blockage, it could affect the flushing capacity and reduce the velocity. When such situations occur, it leads to loads and reoccurring clog problem.  Here, you’ll unwillingly become friends with your plunger. In which case you might need to call a plumber asap.

Something Stuck Into the Trap

The S-shaped tube that separates the toilet from the drain line, and restricts sewer smells from entering your home. If the odd items are flushed down this trap, it could get stuck, Alas! It’s a problem.  As you flush continuously, the debris wraps around the trapped object, causing clogging with time.

Faulty Flapper

The flapper is the part of your toilet that allows water to flow from the tank through the back; if the flapper is weak, it can forcefully push water into the system. Clogs are mostly found in toilets with a faint flush. Carefully adjust the chain that connects the flush handle and the flapper, so that the flapper will open completely when flushing. However, most clogged toilets are slow drainers, as they could leave half of the water in the toilet place.

There are everyday things people flush that causes clogging;

  • Tampons
  • Facial tissues
  • Cotton swabs
  • Condoms
  • Dental floss
  • Diapers

It’s advisable you put a wastebasket next to your toilet, as it could help you checkmate the disposal of the clogging agent.

Make sure you replace the wax ring on the bottom of your toilet if you ever remove the toilet from the floor. The seal keeps water from leaking into your home.

Problems From a Sewer Line

The toilet may not flush thoroughly due to sewer line problem. The presence of tree roots in your sewer line creates a backup. You can’t remove these roots using plunge, and only an experienced professional can fix the system.

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