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6 Impossibly Easy Tips and Tricks on How to Go Green at Home

With all this time we’ve been spending in the house, you’re probably one of many people wondering how to go green at home.

Being more eco-friendly is something that many Americans care about, a topic that transcends political boundaries. 

So, how can you make your home a more sustainable place? In this quick guide, we offer some impossibly easy tips and tricks. Keep reading!

  1. Go Paperless

Have you ever gone to collect the mail and immediately thrown every envelope in the trashcan?

A straightforward way to reduce waste is to make as much of your mail paperless as possible. Opt-out of paper bills and do so electronically. Cancel any subscriptions you know no longer want. 

  1. Install LED Lightbulbs

It’s time to swap out your incandescent or compact fluorescent lightbulbs with LED bulbs!

LED bulbs use their light much more efficiently—up to 90 percent more efficiently than incandescent and 80 percent more than CFLs. They require a significant amount less wattage, too.

The cost upfront is a bit higher (but even still, has reduced by 80 percent over time), but in the long run, you’ll be saving much more on energy and replacement. 

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

First, take acts to reduce the number of things you buy or use. For example, purchase items in bulk (less packaging) or bring your own tote bags to the grocery store (opting out of their plastic bags).

Next, whenever you’re done using something, is there a way for you to reuse it before tossing it? Can you repurpose wine bottles as vases for propagating plants? Can you use old pickle jars as leftover containers?

And lastly, when you’ve reused as much as you can, recycle anything that’s recyclable. 

  1. Eat Vegetarian Once a Week

One meatless night per week makes a big difference.

This habit reduces greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture and decreases other environmental consequences that come from meat production.

If the entire US participated in a meatless day once a week, it would be like taking 7.6 million cars off the road.

  1. Unplug

This is one of those sustainable solutions that sounds small but does so much.

Do you leave your microwave, toaster oven, and coffee grinder plugged in all night? How about your already-charged laptop or cell phone?

Whenever you can, unplug devices around the house that you’re not currently using. This act reduces energy consumption and can even save on your energy bills.

While you’re walking around unplugging, make sure to turn off all the lights, too!

  1. Collect Rainwater

This is an excellent hack for green thumbs with a ton of plants.

Rather than filling your water containers from the tap, load them from a rainwater harvesting bucket! Any large bucket will do—place it in the backyard or under a leaky gutter, and every time it rains, you’ll get water. Fill your containers with this free and sustainable source.

Now You Know How to Go Green at Home

It doesn’t have to be challenging or difficult to make a difference.

These small but significant steps reduce your environmental footprint and let you have a more sustainable existence. Now that you know how to go green at home, spread the word to your friends and family!

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