7 Things You’ll Need for Your New Home

May 22, 2020

Purchasing a new home is an exciting part of being an adult. Before you rush to move in, make sure you have all the necessities to have a happy, comfortable start in your new place. If you need inspiration, here are seven things you'll need for your new home.

Cleaning Supplies

While many people hire companies to deep clean their homes before moving out, you may still feel the need to tidy up your new space. Make sure you stock up on essential products like window cleaner, disinfectant spray, and carpet cleaner. It would help if you also got the proper cleaning tools. Sponges, a duster, and cleaning rags will help you use your cleaning products correctly.

You'll need to invest in cleaning supplies like a high-quality vacuum, a broom and dustpan, and a mop and bucket. Take inventory of whatever you already have to ensure you don't get multiples of the same thing and read reviews online before you buy to get the best for your money.

A Tool Kit

Another necessity for your new home is a tool kit. You never know what you'll run into when you first move in, so you should be prepared to make any minor fixes. A tool kit is also handy to have to assemble furniture or put shelves up. You can create a custom kit with whatever tools you want, or you can buy a tool kit with all the essentials, including a hammer, a screwdriver, and a wrench.

Sustainable Toilet Paper

One of the most unfortunate things that may happen in your new home is realizing you don't have any toilet paper when you need it the most. To avoid that, pick up some toilet paper before you move in. If you care about the environment, you can opt for a sustainable option and get 100% bamboo toilet paper.

Traditional toilet paper comes from trees, so it contributes directly to deforestation. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, making bamboo toilet paper a more responsible and sustainable option. Bamboo fibers make soft, durable toilet paper without the use of inks or dyes. Bamboo toilet paper is also 3-ply, which means it's extra comfortable and sturdy.

Window Accessories

Window treatments should be one of the first things you purchase for your new home. Drapes and shades keep the sunshine from waking you up in the morning, add a personal touch to your new space, and provide a layer of security from any curious neighbors.

You can start with something basic and neutral, or you can settle on a color scheme for your interiors and go from there. Whatever you choose to do with your blinds, make sure they offer the level of protection you want.


To make delicious home-cooked meals, you'll need the proper tools. Investing in a quality cookware set will allow you to make any food you want to for years. You can find cookware sets through Outlet Sale, the only place to get Berlinger Haus products in the United States. All you have to do is make a new account to see all the Berlinger Haus cookware options available, then wait a few business days for your package to arrive.


You'll need somewhere to eat your meals in your new home, so make sure you have a table to sit around. Coffee tables are a common choice for people who like to sit in front of the TV to eat, but you can also invest in a sturdy dining room table if you prefer to eat in a designated room.

Nightstand tables are also handy to have in your new home. A space near your bed to put your phone or book will make life more comfortable, and it gives you extra space to store anything you may need in the middle of the night.

Plants and Flowers

While not a necessity, fresh plants will help to fill up your space while you're moving in. If you don't have experience with plants, there are low maintenance options that don't take much work, or you can get a fake plant. No matter what you choose, plants and flowers will brighten your mood and add some beauty to your space.

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