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Bulletproof Home Defense: All You Need to Know About Keeping Safe

With crime increasing all over the world, people have come up with an array of protection and security solutions for their properties. A family’s number one priority is keeping safe. Not only securing the lives of the people living inside the property, but also protecting valuable goods inside. Read more about bulletproof home defense.

In recent years property owners have tried everything to decrease their homes of becoming targets. A new concept has risen named the Bulletproof home defense. Your first thought may be that this is a new technique keeping bullets from shooting through the walls and windows of your house, but actually this is something completely different.

Read along for everything you need to know about this new concept.


A blueprint that’s specifically combined for preppers. This guide gives you all the ins and outs on how you can handle real life emergency situations. It’s a strategy that incorporates a series of actions, tips, and tricks that your family can apply to keep them safe. Read this extract for an example.

The author, Steven Walker, compiled this blueprint full of security tips, for those who are prepping for the future. Unforeseen events might require you to store a lot of food in the basement, but in actuality, this won’t keep you safe if looters have easy access to it.

Without interrupting your daily activities, the author came up with a series of ways in which you can protect your family. All of this without spending a lot of money on top notch security systems.

It is no secret that criminals have found genius ways in which they can break into the most secure facility. It’s therefore important that you take extra care in protecting your property, just in case doomsday might struck.


The book is ultimately written for modern day preppers. But anyone who want to prepare their houses for unforeseen events can apply the techniques. Preppers are people who are preparing their home for an eventual doomsday.

Making sure that there’s enough stored food, water, and that their shelter can withstand any drastic natural disasters.

As well as anyone who feel threatened by the people in their environment. In order to overcome a series of everyday trials and tribulations, many citizens are turning to crime. Crime isn’t always a result of a bad person, but sometimes it’s out of desperation.

bulletproof home defense


In many cases, a person who breaks into your home might use violent actions to overpower everyone in the property. This is why it’s so important to bulletproof your home through a series of defenses. It is great to have a home defense strategy.

The author talks about a few defense strategies that doesn’t involve guns. Two of the most basic strategies are deter-delay and layering defenses.

Deter and Delay- You should train yourself and your family in self-defense. This will prepare everyone for a criminal situation. Your ultimate goal should be to defeat the attackers. But if you can’t, then a self-defense strategy will eventually slow them down.

Layering Defense – If you have a series of different defense layers, then you will have enough time to think about an offense strategy. Not only having a window detector to alert you when someone is there. But layering your defense by adding motion detectors outside of the home as well.

Always try to delay an attack from the outer perimeter of your property. Take special measures to toughen other parts of the home, to avoid criminals penetrating into your property. Learn more about different layering defense techniques here:


There are a few mistakes that home owners make to become targets; flaunting riches, not drawing the curtains, having elaborate open-house parties, and even building tall walls around your property.

The Bulletproof home defense blueprint gives you more tips on how to keep secrecy and keep your personal belongings safe.

Even though you can take your own measures to protect your home, remember that it is still advised that you invest in additional help. Either a professional alarm company or a security guard – depending on your personal needs.

If you implement the Bulletproof home defense tactics, you will be able to protect your property and family from unwanted intruders. Go and bullet proof your home today now that you know how to bulletproof your house.

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