Effective Ways To Sell A House As-Is In Lincoln, NE

May 14, 2020

Selling a house as-is can be a real lifesaver to get you out of a fix. It can be an ideal move when in dire conditions like fire and storm damage, challenges of low equity and title issues, or reasons stemming from bankruptcy and health. You can engage a realtor or seamlessly sell it to waiting buyers like Element Homebuyers for ready cash.

What Selling As-Is Means To You

When you sell your house as-is, you are selling it in its present condition without any repairs. You get money for the house without spending anything out of your pocket.

Importance of Selling As-Is To Your Buyers

The buyer should be aware and agree to purchase the house with all its tangible faults like damaged physical conditions and intangible conditions that have financial implications.

Essentials To Keep In Check When Selling Your House As-Is

Since selling as-is is a legal imprint, you are expected to honestly disclose all conditions about your house. The law requires you to issue the buyer with a truthful disclosure statement before entering into the purchase agreement. For cash house buyers, they might come over to assess the home for themselves without you paying a dime.

When To Sell A Home As-Is

Some of the common reasons you could consider selling your house as-is encompasses when battling health issues, bankruptcy, divorce, looking forward to relocating, downsizing or upgrading your residence, in case of a foreclosure, or if it needs major repairs that you might not manage.

You can sell as-is in conditions where you are not able to complete constructing your house, if the house is old, in cases of termite invasion, fire, and storm damage.

If you face challenges from mortgage payments, family wrangles, if your finances are going south, you are battling low equity, the title has legal issues, or you are in large liens, then it might be the best time for you to consider selling your house as-is.

Here are the most common and effective ways to sell a house as-is in Lincoln, NE:

  • Sell As-Is In An Open Market

To sell your house as-is in an open market, engage a market savvy and legally informed realtor. A realtor is a key bridge between you and your prospective buyer and is required to disclose the conditions of the house truthfully and accurately. Their say can influence buyers to purchase your house or move on to another realtor or offer.

Bottom line: Your realtor is the dealmaker in an open market. You must make an informed choice of a realtor.

What To Expect When Selling As-Is On An Open Market

  • Selling your house as-is in an open market even when it is a good condition can draw negative perceptions from buyers.
  • Buyers might work with that assumption to give you a cheaper bargain for your property.
  • Your realtor needs to up the game to prove the value of the house in the instance the offers coming in are too low.
  • You can still get value for your house if you have the right real estate agent.
  • Sell As-Is To Real Estate Investors For Cash

Another effective and popular way to sell a house as-is is by selling it directly to investors without middlemen. Getting the right cost for selling a house can be complex and exhausting. However, real estate investors can make it easier for you. They are direct property buyers who pay cash for your house.

How To Sell As-Is To Real Estate Investors For Cash Works

Most efficient real estate investors follow a simple three-step process to buy your house and place cash in your hands.

Request an offer online or via a call

You can fill a quick form on the real estate investor website to get a quick offer. You can also give them a call if you need a superfast response. They will review your submission and get in touch for an appointment.

Get a cash offer

The investor will present you with a fair cash offer after viewing your property or examining the pictures you send to them.

Close the deal at your terms

After the cash offer, the investor can work with the closing date of your choice on your terms, whether you need it fast or at a slower pace.

Why Sell As-Is To Real Estate Investors

  • They mean it when they say they will buy it as-is. Nothing hidden.
  • You get all the cash in your hands. No brokers, no real estate agents to ask for commissions or consultation fees.
  • Once you accept the fair cash offer, you get the real cash. No delays. Get your money, sort yourself.


Selling your house as-is can be handy with your current condition if you need to get quick money at the value of your house to keep things moving. You don’t need to do repairs, and the buyer accepts your house and gives an offer at its present condition. You also can sell your house in an open market with the help of a realtor and alternatively, you can effectively sell it to a real estate investor without intermediaries for cash.

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