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Exploring The Secrets of Hong Kong’s Biggest Island


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It’s no secret that Hong Kong is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, receiving up to 26 million people each year. For most tourists, their itinerary usually involves exploring attractions and sites in central Hong Kong as well as Kowloon, leaving out one of the most interesting places in the region, Lantau Island. Lantau is the biggest island that makes up Hong Kong, covering a total area of 147.2 square kilometers. Many visitors only get a glimpse of this serene place when they arrive at the Hong Kong International Airport. 

Getting to this marvelous destination has never been easier. Cathay Pacific has flights that connect Hong Kong to other major cities of the world, making it one of the most accessible places. What’s more, given the proximity of Lantau Island to Hong Kong’s main airport, getting there won’t be much of a hassle. Click the link below to view and book your flights.

Lantau Island is mostly covered in lush greenery, making it a great place to get away from all the noise in the concrete jungle. The place also has dozens of hiking trails, making it a haven for trekking and hiking enthusiasts alike. There are several man-made attractions as well that are sure to entertain people of all ages. To help you come up with the perfect itinerary, here are some of the best things to do in Lantau Island.

Become one with Nature

Lantau Island is filled with vast mountain terrains that have been covered with indigenous forests. This is why the beautiful isle is commonly referred to as the “lungs of Hong Kong”. Most parts of the island have been put aside as designated country parks with some of them only accessible on foot. Visitors have the chance of seeing some amazing wildlife such as muntjac deers, sea eagles, and water buffalos. Though rare, there’s also the possibility of spotting pink dolphins, which are also known as Chinese White Dolphins.

Give Your Body a Hiking Workout

If you like being out and about, then visiting this majestic island is sure to tickle your fancy. There are several hiking trails available, some of which are simple and great for beginners while others are more difficult hence suitable for seasoned hikers. Famous trails on the island include Lantau Peak Hike, Sunset Peak Hike, and Lantau Trail Hike which have beautiful sceneries and sandy beaches. Besides that, the island also has numerous campsites that offer incredible adventures for those who’d love to enjoy a night or two under the stars.

Ride Above the Trees at Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 is arguably the most popular gondola lift in Hong Kong. The cable car system spans a length of 5.7 kilometers, providing picturesque vistas of the South China Sea and Hong Kong. The system runs across the southern shores of Chek Lap Kok where the Hong Kong International Airport is situated, connecting Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Terminal which is next to Ngong Ping Village. You can experience Chinese traditional heritage at the cultural village, which provides a nice break from all the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Enjoy a Relaxing Day at The Beach

Some of Hong Kong’s best beaches are located in Lantau Island. It’s also home to the longest beach in the special administrative region namely Cheung Sha, which translates to “Long Sand”. The beach stretches for more than three kilometers on the island’s southern coast and is divided into two sections. Upper Cheung Sha is the longer side of the two sections and arguably prettier as well. This side of the beach is popular with families as there are many facilities provided such as restaurants. Moreover, Upper Cheung Sha receives moderate waves which are great for swimming on top of providing great conditions for novel surfers to sharpen their skills. Lower Cheung Sha receives much stronger waves, making it ideal for windsurfing. This section of the beach also has a beachfront restaurant and water-sports center.

If you’re looking to have a vacation in Hong Kong away from the city’s busy streets and small living quarters, then Lantau Island is probably your best option. Although the island is majorly rural, it’s still home to iconic infrastructural facilities, making it a great getaway destination.


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