First Impression Marketing: What the Exterior of Your Business Says to Customers

May 4, 2020

First impressions in a business matter. No surprise, sherlock.

So you've got a physical business and you are interested in first impression marketing. Well, you're certainly in the right place.

In this article, we will take a look at how your exterior plays into your business success.

Keep reading to learn how to fix an abhorrent location exterior, to avoid sending a negative impression towards potential clients.


Inviting External Appearance = Quality And Considerate Service


Never take your store's external appearance for granted. Having a great interior doesn't compensate for a terrible exterior.

Even having a clean exterior will set you worlds apart from other businesses in the region. Not to mention all the various other design nit-bits, which play a huge role in first impressions in business.

Here are some general guidelines for generating a more inviting entrance:

  1. Exterior signage should be modern, clean, and legible. Pertinent to the image of your business.
  2. Exterior lighting is bright, targeted, and visible from another side of the street.
  3. No trash on the sidewalk or near the exterior of the building.
  4. Well-maintained parking lot.
  5. Remove outdated information.
  6. Clean windows.
  7. The entry is uncluttered and regularly cleaned.

These are some basic methods for increasing your store's curb appeal - making your business more inviting to the general public.

Let's take a deeper look into various faculties of first impression marketing.

First Impressions On Arrival

Be the one to work through the process of finding, approaching, and entering your physical location. Forget that this is your business - become the stranger who might pass by.

Ask yourself these questions to acquire some bearing on the current state of affairs:

Is this store area clean and refreshing? Is the location modern and doesn't seem to be outdated?

Does the business have a landing area? (where the visitor can pause to acquire a deeper impression and understanding of the business) Is a menu visible? Discounts and offers? Product list?

Is there a customer waiting area? Is it difficult to feel welcome when inside? Does the business need to invite the person before entering?

Take a day off from the front of the store, take a seat on the other side of the street, and observe people walking by. Who is stopping? Where are they stopping?

Take the information into consideration, enhance the area to deliver a strong impression on behalf of the business.

Finding Your Business Should Be Easy

Having a physical location for your business means that you rely on client visits. And if your business is hard to find or locate, you are missing out on valuable assets to your cashflow.

Having a well-working website with accurate directions and suggestions is critical, as the first line of offense. Make sure that your website works better on mobile than on a computer - as they will need to access the information on-the-go.

Invest in billboards, road signs or an LED neon logo sign, which will help your clients find you when they are nearby.

Spend some time setting up a Google+ local business page, which will make your business show up on the first page of search with a direct map location showing.

Front Doors Matter Quite A Bit

The front door is the first exchange of business. It is the portal for energy flowing in and out. If you have a dull and uninviting door, the stranger might not become a client. And on the other hand, an aesthetic and inviting door can turn any stranger into a client.

The front door is the first handshake for both of you. It lubricates the conversation and creates purchasing intention, which can be cultivated or depleted.

Want to know more about choosing commercial doors, find out more in this guide.

Here are some things to consider for your front door and beyond:

What color is the door? Is it bold or cold? Colors play a large part in first impression marketing. Learn how to manipulate intent with colors.

Is your door transparent or not? Having a blocking (non-transparent door) can create a barrier between entry and non-entry for a client.

Is the door easily visible and found when needed? Or does the client have to go around and find the entrance with the hassle?

Does your door have additional signage on it? Irrelevant signage, such as no UPS, no smoking, no outside food or beverages can make your business look unorganized. All of these are negative statements, making your business look very emotive. Change the sentencing for a more positive statement.

Is the door well lit during evening hours? Does it stand out from the rest of the environment?

Do your windows have show-stopping capabilities? Guide lightning to a certain location or deplete glare from the sun. Does your door navigate people to take a look inside the windows?

Ten Feet - Pleased To Meet

Surely, the front door matters from one side - but it also matters from the other side. After all, it's a two-way street. Let's take a look at how the first 10 feet of your store play into first impression marketing.

The first ten feet hold the most client traffic in your store. These should help pull in and invigorate the customer to increase their purchasing intent.

Welcome them with these practices:

Have a comprehensive offer or product display that represents what you care about, and how you do it. Organized, colorful, and determining product displays help people stay in the store to make a purchase. Deliver a certain scent in your store that helps people feel at home and refreshed.

Illustrate what you represent - have photos of employees, clients, or experience pertinent to your business. Showing off expertise, moments, or ideas that you want to relate to your business.

Visible schedules, menus, or plans for your business. If you have any events, make sure that new customers know about them. Let them know that you are human, that you are part of the community and not just a four-wall storage facility.

The first ten feet are the heart of your business - reinforce your business the way you want them to remember it.

First Impression Marketing Done First

Now that we have covered the most important information, pertinent to first impression marketing - you are well on your way to creating better impressions for passers-by and returning clients.

Your business is there to deliver proactively, and not to be received passively. So act accordingly - let your clients know who you are, what you care about, and how you do it.

Generate emotion, feeling, and intent with carefully considered business exterior decisions. Remember to ask yourself questions, which you feel would be asked by a customer. Be genuine and honest with yourself.

Good luck!

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